Wise Words, Wounding Words

This week I have been meditating on words. I am studying Proverbs and am constantly amazed at how much it speaks of words and the lips. What we speak reveals what we are all about. It shows our heart. Someone has quipped “The tongue is the tail of the heart.”

Proverbs tells us that the virtuous woman had a “law of kindness” for her speech. That means she set a self imposed standard on herself. She made sure her words were wise and kind.

When people think of you, do they say ” Oh, she is always so wise and kind with her words, ” or would they characterize you as harsh, cruel, petty or critical with your words?

Here are some of the types of words and lips mentioned in Proverbs for you to meditate on:

Wise Words:

  • good words
  • truthful words
  • insightful words
  • wise words
  • gracious words
  • judicious words
  • righteous words
  • prudent words
  • healing words
  • pure words
  • sensible words
  • right word in season(at the right time)

Wicked Words:

  • bitter words
  • angry words
  • ensnaring words
  • rash words
  • foolish words
  • harsh words
  • hasty words
  • lying words
  • deceitful words
  • too many words

Which list best characterizes your speech? What will you change to become a woman who blesses her family and others with wise, kind words?

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