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Lessons You Learn by Becoming A Mother

Motherhood has a way of teaching us surprising lessons. It challenges pre-conceived notions about life. Motherhood is both wonderful and exhausting, exciting and mundane. The emotions of motherhood, the highs and lows and the rate they change, cannot be tallied or tracked on paper. How 

A Little Trick I’ve Learned By Homeschooling

Because I have five children and home school them all, I have learned a little survival trick in life. This trick is called “zoning out.” Incase you are not a “zoner”, let me tell you how this works. My kids will be incessantly talking to 

Traditions Are Memories You Choose To Create

Easter is just around the corner. Do you have any special family traditions? If not, I would encourage you to start some! When you choose a family tradition, you are making a memory through consistency and ritual.  It takes a little planning (and of course 

Mothering for the Kingdom

Peter was teaching on witnessing to our teen group. He mentioned that someday we will be accountable to have witnessed to those who are closest to us. God puts us in a circle of influence and He wants us to be witnesses there first. Door 

Instant Messaging my Kids

I have been thinking a lot about words. The words I use every day with my kids. As a homeschooling mom, my kids are with me all day. They  see and hear all that I do. As  I was thinking about training them the right