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New Year’s Resolutions for the rest of us.

This post is for women who can barely get ready in the morning without littles banging on the bathroom door, for the mom who is nursing a baby and trying to train toddlers, the one who can barely eat a meal while it’s warm without 

Grace for the Mom Who Isn’t Enough

Wipe the counters. Empty the trash. Vacuum the rug. Make the coffee. Wash the cups. Fill the dishwasher. Empty the dishwasher. Change the laundry. Pick up Cheerios. Pick up Legos. Swiffer the floor. Change the diaper. Answer the phone. Fill the sippy cup. Check the 

The Grace Table

Today I want to talk about one of my favorite topics, hospitality, and the concept of stewarding our homes as grace-giving spaces where others find favor and kindness under our roof (or in our presence) whether they deserve it or not. I want us to 

Hey, What Are You Looking At?

It’s that time of year. We began our homeschool year this week and as I evaluate where each child is, the old tendency to compare surprises my heart yet again. Comparison is always a cruel tormentor: Maybe we should have done that curriculum all along. 

All Women Need Grace School

What if I told you that every woman I know should attend Grace School? Not the manners and poise kind of grace, but the one that re-teaches you about a very common word in scripture: grace. We learned in grade school that “grace” is “God’s 

Free Gift: Grace

Sometimes when life gets hard, here we forget that the same gospel that rescued us is the gospel that makes living for God’s glory possible. We were once under the curse of sin, and headed for destruction. But God intervened, rescued us and is now restoring us 

Grace When You’ve Blown It.

Have you ever really blown it? I mean, really blown it? You fight with your spouse, or spew hurtful words to the kids you’ve spent your life nurturing and caring for. You wish you could reboot your day and start all over again and take