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Knowing Ourselves

Knowing Ourselves

A few weeks back I posted on Instagram about the need for fewer celebrity “pastors” after the news broke of yet another affair by a popular celebrity Christian. I rarely name the “guilty” here because there are always innocent victims to consider, namely a wife 

A Warning About Motherhood that No One Ever Told Me.

Several years ago, I was struggling with one of those mother of teenager issues that seemed to leave me deflated and drained. Nothing earth shattering, but frustrating and completely unexpected. I mentioned my struggle to a group of friends, and we agreed that there wasn’t 

Are You Living Fully In God’s Love?

Are You Living Fully In God’s Love?

Ps. 136:26  “Give thanks to the God of heaven, for his steadfast love endures forever.” What would your life look like if you lived fully in the love of God? How would God’s love change your life, your work, and your friendships? When we know 

An Unexpected Pathway to Blessing

There are days when I feel truly blessed. Like the days I wake up with no knee pain and plenty of Starbuck’s coffee. When my children are all super cooperative and the house is in order. I think my idea of “blessing” is sometimes pretty 

What My Daughters Need to Know This Valentines Day

Ask your daughter this question: “Who are you? Describe you.” I work with teen girls and I’ve asked this very question. They nervously and giggly begin telling me what they excel at and enjoy. I’m so and so’s girl friend. I play the piano. I draw 

How to Be Holy When You Wake Up Grumpy

How are you supposed to be holy when you wake up grumpy? We know what holiness is not, and what it looks like, but how do we get there? If I had to describe myself when I wake up in the morning, holy is not 

How Not to View Your Devotions.

Have you ever had someone tell you that their day did not go well because they had not done their devotions that morning? I have, and although I want to assume that I know what they mean, the idea that your day played out based 

Wise Words, Wounding Words

This week I have been meditating on words. I am studying Proverbs and am constantly amazed at how much it speaks of words and the lips. What we speak reveals what we are all about. It shows our heart. Someone has quipped “The tongue is