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Thoughts On The New Book “Risen Motherhood.”

Thoughts On The New Book “Risen Motherhood.”

Biblically sound, beautifully illustrated, and refreshingly sane, Risen Motherhood: Gospel Hope for Everyday Moments is truly a breath of fresh air. Written by Emily Jensen and Laura Wifler of the Risen Motherhood podcast, this book is NOT another instructional on how to be the perfect mom, 

Examples of Hospitality in Less Than Perfect Circumstances.

Examples of Hospitality in Less Than Perfect Circumstances.

  Today I thought it would be helpful to look at several people in Scripture who practiced hospitality in the middle of different and difficult life circumstances.  It’s easy to think that hospitality is only for those who have it all together, are financially stable, 

Pre-Hospitality Heart Check

Pre-Hospitality Heart Check

I’m starting a little series on hospitality, that I hope will encourage you as you seek to open your home and life to others. We know, as women of God, that hospitality is not for just for the Martha Stewarts and June Cleavers of the 

Purpose for the Sidelined Mom

Nobody wants to live a sidelined life, especially young mothers who are full of energy and dreams. We want to make a difference and live with purpose, but frankly, life with little kids feels like being left out of the game all together. The rest 

J.R. Miller’s Thoughts on Homemaking

Ohhhh, I just loved this quote and had to share it! “Home is the true wife’s kingdom. There, first of all places, she must be strong and beautiful. She may touch life outside in many ways, if she can do it without slighting the duties 

What happened to all the Titus 2 Mentors? – Part 2

For whatever reason, Titus 2 mentoring brings a mix of emotions.  Fear and insecurity, on the part of the older women, and frustration on the part of the younger women, who are wondering why all of the older women are MIA. I received a lot 

What Happened to All the Titus 2 Mentors?

Last night I spoke to a sweet group of home schooling moms about the topic of keeping Your devotional life devotional. I was so encouraged by their desire to teach their children God’s word. We sat and chatted afterwards and as we spoke, the “topic” 

Home Comforts

I have a confession to make. One of my all time favorite books is a book on housekeeping.  Before you think me compulsive,  I am not a spotless housekeeper, mind you. I have five kids, remember? But I love, love, love Home Comforts: The Art 

Some Good Advice on Home Education

A home schooling mentor once gave me some good advice: Begin with the end in mind. Looking back, my friend was insightful.  But when you are a new homeschooling mother, you are– I don’t know–just plain overwhelmed. And scared. Well-meaning people unintentionally put fear–no, out