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Long Expected Jesus

Long Expected Jesus

Expectancy. To expect. To look forward to. To anticipate. Some say that expectations are little more than premeditated resentments. I guess we learn from living in a broken world that it’s safer not to expect too much, not to set our hearts on anything, not to 

I am mad so I bake a cake. {A Few Thoughts on the Unthinkable going on in Syria}

I wasn’t planning to write today so I’m putting this out here as a stream of consciousness, unedited and imperfect. Forgive my mistakes, but… I’ve been thinking about the horrific attack of life in Syria–the hopelessness those poor people must be feeling after realizing that 

For When You’re Spiraling Downward

I once had a problem so big that I let it suck the life out of me. At any given moment, just the thought of the problem could send what seemed to be a brick slamming down into my stomach, and my thoughts would slowly 

A One Size Fits All Parenting Tip

Yesterday we talked about the one size fits all parenting strategy that  God prescribes for us in Psalm 78.  here  We are to teach our kids about God’s mighty acts, so that they will remember to hope in God and to obey Him. I don’t know