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Love the Imperfect “Right Now”

Yesterday, I woke with the knowledge that I was already behind. Coffee mugs, ice cream bowls, and popcorn kernels graced my kitchen sink and told the tale of the late night festivities that come with a house full of older children and their friends who 

5 Keys To Contentment

What if I told you that there was something of great value that could bring you great gain, if you would just pursue it? Did your mind automatically think about money and getting rich quickly? No, what I am talking about are the twin virtues 


I have been meditating on contentment for a few weeks. Scripture tells us that godliness coupled with contentment is great gain, or worth so much. I have been so blessed to know other sisters in Christ that have less than I do, but have hearts 

Thankfulness: Contentment’s Kin

Still meditating on contentment, and realizing that when I am discontent (or when I grumble) I am raising my fist at God– not physically, mind you, because I know better than that. But, in my heart, it is just that. I.am.blaming.God. “In everything give thanks, 

What does the Bible Say About Contentment?

I am learning a lot about contentment. Here are some great thoughts on the subject: “The truly godly person is not interested in becoming rich. He possesses inner resources which furnish riches far beyond that which earth can offer.” William Hendriksen “Contentment is one of 

Stayed or Strayed?

Saturday, Peter took me for a day trip to Historic Deerfield, MA. We had a perfect day, and I know that it was a blessing from the hand of God. The foliage was beautiful, the family was happy. It was just what my heart needed. 

Choosing Gratitude

“Ingratitude is our first step away from God.” This is a statement that I have been mulling over for a few days. When I am tempted to complain or  am discontent in my heart, I am actually turning my gaze away from God and His