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Obedience: The test of love.

Obedience: The test of love.

When my kids were young, I quickly realized that I needed to give them lots of verbal instruction when we were  out shopping. “Ok, unbuckle and wait for me. We’re in a parking lot and it’s dangerous. Don’t just open the door.” “No hanging off 

A Word About Enforcing Obedience

The human heart pulses with the desire for self-rule. Every fiber of our natural being is bent toward autonomy and self-sovereignty. We don’t naturally want to bow to the Lordship of Christ, and even after we’ve trusted Christ, our old selfish nature fights against God’s 

Four Ways to Thrive Spiritually

Imagine being so spiritually healthy and noticeably thriving, so happy in joyful obedience to the Lord, that someone comes up to you and says, “Hi. I hope you are as physically healthy on the outside as you are clearly spiritually healthy on the inside?” That’s 

10 Helpful Lists to Remember from the Bible

Are you a list person? I tend to live my life by paper lists. Right now I have a grocery list, a wedding list, a thank-you card reminder list, a priority list, a hospitality list, a prayer list, and a vacation list in my planner. 

Unfair Ministry: Ministry Wives Edition

Last week I wrote about hard times in ministry. I received more email about totally ridiculous stuff that goes on in ministry, much of it unfair, and it’s horrible and hurtful and my heart goes out to you. A also received several inboxes saying that 

Teaching Kids to Obey

I was at the park last week watching my kids swing and sipping coffee and I overheard this pitiful conversation: Mother: “Stop pulling your brother. You’re aggrivating him!” Kid: Ignores the mother and continues to harass the younger sibling. Mother: “I mean it! Get away 

What Does God Want You To Do?

Today I just want to encourage you to follow God in whatever way He is leading. This might mean; stepping out in faith to obey the Spirit’s prompting in service to Him that is outside of your comfort zone responding with a “Here am I,