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DIY Rustic Farmhouse Calligraphy Bridal Shower Favors

DIY Rustic Farmhouse Calligraphy Bridal Shower Favors

We had my daughter’s bridal shower this past weekend and my sister, Hannah, did a lovely job decorating and hosting it. I’ll share a few of those pictures when I get them from her, but I wanted to share the favors that I made for 

Construction update, spring decorating, and some favorite domestic quotes

We are almost finished with our house renovations, and since this has been going on since last November, if I never see a shop-vac again in my entire life, I’d be okay with that. I absolutely love how beautiful my kitchen is. I still can’t 

DIY Doctored-Up Dollar Tree Church Ornament

Wanted to share an easy craft I’ve been working on for Christmas. I love New England churches, so when I saw that Dollar Tree had these ornaments, I snatched up a bunch to doctor-up. I simply added twine, plaid ribbon from Michael’s Craft Store, and 

DIY Old Pewter Mint Julep Cups

It’s the weekend and this week I’ve been crafting up a storm for our daughter’s upcoming wedding festivities. I wanted to decorate one event using the very popular “mint julep cups” look. If you don’t know what I mean, go on pinterest and search “mint 

Video: DIY twiggy front door cross {from my beautiful sister! Woot!}

So many of you loved and asked for a tutorial for my sister’s front door cross, that I asked Amy to make a VIDEO  for us and she agreed! Woot. I love her and her lovely front door decor. Enjoy!

DIY Spring Bird’s Nest Tutorial

Even though we still have two feet of snow on the ground, I’m working on decorating my house for spring. Today my goal was to finish decorating my mantle. I made this bird’s nest for the mantle and thought I’d share how I made it. 

Frugal DIY Chalkboard Hack

Wanted to share this quick idea with you. I came up with it while trying to think of a frugal way to decorate for a church event this weekend. Behold, the foamboard “chalkboard.” My Walmart sells black foam board near the poster board. It was 

DIY Primitive Welcome Candles

It’s fall, and I don’t know about you but I’ve got the decorating bug. I want to tuck berries and leaves in every cupboard and basket I can find. Chunky knit throw blankets come out for chilly nights, and Yankee Candles are just plain a 

DIY Spring Tulips for the Front Door

Never mind the fact that it’s blizzardous outside, today. I’m sharing a spring décor idea. Everywhere you look on Pinterest and Etsy, you’ll see tulip wreaths. I’ve eyed this one for some time and have seen variations galore on this same theme, so I  decided to 

DIY Watercolor Bird Silhouette Art for Kids

I’m teaching a great group of homeschoolers simple watercolor techniques, and today I thought I’d post our next project as a tutorial that you can use for your kids. Silhouette art is popular right now, and is super easy to create. Supply list:  Watercolor paper,