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Thoughts On The New Book “Risen Motherhood.”

Thoughts On The New Book “Risen Motherhood.”

Biblically sound, beautifully illustrated, and refreshingly sane, Risen Motherhood: Gospel Hope for Everyday Moments is truly a breath of fresh air. Written by Emily Jensen and Laura Wifler of the Risen Motherhood podcast, this book is NOT another instructional on how to be the perfect mom, 

Explaining the Holy Spirit to Kids.

There’s been a lot of talk about the Holy Spirit lately on the internet in the aftermath of the Strange Fire conference, and I think that generally speaking, we are confused or vague about what the Holy Spirit does in our lives. In my experience, 

10 Important Lessons Christian Moms Need to Teach Their Kids

Ever get bogged down and completely overwhelmed at the monumental task of parenting? There are thousands of lessons to teach your little one, all lessons you hope will stick! Best scenario, all of your instruction will be internalized one day and become more than just 

Five Questions To Help You Parent Your Kids

Making choices about our children are some of the toughest we as Christian women make. We rack our brains, gather all kinds of material–in short, we do our homework to determine the best way to feed, raise, discipline and educate our kids. We receive unsolicited