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Thoughts On The New Book “Risen Motherhood.”

Thoughts On The New Book “Risen Motherhood.”

Biblically sound, beautifully illustrated, and refreshingly sane, Risen Motherhood: Gospel Hope for Everyday Moments is truly a breath of fresh air. Written by Emily Jensen and Laura Wifler of the Risen Motherhood podcast, this book is NOT another instructional on how to be the perfect mom, 

A Parenting Gem from Charlotte Mason, That Nearly Every Other Parenting Book Missed

I’m re-reading Home Education by Charlotte Mason and I stumbled upon this nugget of mothering goodness that stayed with me for months and wanted to share it, as I don’t recall ever reading it explained this way anywhere else. (And let’s be honest, you’ve seen 

My Toy Purge Experiment

After reading This Mom Threw Away Her Kids’ Toys and Got Her Life Back, I got rid of most of my toddler’s toys. I wasn’t “drowning” in toys but little B had too many and he didn’t seem to be handling them well. Our little 

A Word About Enforcing Obedience

The human heart pulses with the desire for self-rule. Every fiber of our natural being is bent toward autonomy and self-sovereignty. We don’t naturally want to bow to the Lordship of Christ, and even after we’ve trusted Christ, our old selfish nature fights against God’s 

Teach Your Children Virtues, Not Just Rules

The internet is full of advice for mothers. Full. Yes, motherhood is hard. It is. No denying it. Tough days, frustrations, exhausted nerves pushed to the limit of almost crazy. We all know this. Yet, in all of these discussions, one topic is lacking: teaching 

Five Ways Teens Are Like Toddlers

I’m caring for a 16-month-old a few days a week, (the sweetest little guy ever!) and I’ve been ushered back to the world of sippy cups, toys, nap times, cutting up food into small pieces, answering “what’s that” questions, exploring, and the “everything-is-new-and-wonderful” stage that 

Moms, You are the Difference Makers

Do you feel like your life counts and is making a difference? Does the fact that you are a young mom with kids at home make you feel side-lined? A shot of hope: You’re making a beautiful difference right where you are. Have you heard 

God-Mandated Curriculum for your Kids

Do you ever wonder what you are supposed to teach your kids? With a market flooded with how-to manuals for parenting, it’s nearly impossible to keep up with the latest, greatest manual for raising kids. When you are a believer, you have the Holy Spirit 

In Praise of the Pensive Child

One of the best ways to validate your children is to accept them for who they are. There is a huge tendency to push our kids into what we love or what is currently pushed by society. Peter has often said that “what you praise, 

Taking Time for Little Things

Have you ever been surprised by what makes your kids happy? They’re excited by little things. Soap bubbles galore while doing dishes. Animal sightings in the yard. $2 glow in the dark star stickers for the bedroom ceiling Picking wildflowers. Skipping rocks. Riding bikes, playing