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Fall Plan-A-Thon and pulling out my best china

Fall Plan-A-Thon and pulling out my best china

They say that your handbag reflects your personality, and that the state of its inside reflects your current state of mind. I hope that’s not true because the inside of my bag has been a mess. I opened it last week to find the remnants 

K4 Homeschooling using the Charlotte Mason Method

K4 Homeschooling using the Charlotte Mason Method

Several friends have asked me to text them what I’m using with our little guy for K4. Since my texting skills rot, I’m going to type it out here and share. This list is a bit tedious/detailed so feel free to click away if this 

7 Must-Read Books for Homeschooling Moms

Homeschooling is a daunting task and stepping into the world of homeschooling can be terrifying and overwhelming. There are so many questions and where do you even begin? I’ve been there. Over the years I’ve read so many homeschooling books, some good and some meh. 

Nature Study for the Very Young {Plus Birds of Northeast Printable}

I wanted to share a few thoughts on Nature Study for the very young. This fall, I’ll start integrating “Little B” (3 years old) into our homeschooling day. Of course, nothing will be formal because at this age play is the best tool for learning 

A Parenting Gem from Charlotte Mason, That Nearly Every Other Parenting Book Missed

I’m re-reading Home Education by Charlotte Mason and I stumbled upon this nugget of mothering goodness that stayed with me for months and wanted to share it, as I don’t recall ever reading it explained this way anywhere else. (And let’s be honest, you’ve seen 

Fall Planning: Carve out time to live your true calling.

Fall Planning: Carve out time to live your true calling.

Whenever I talk to younger moms, the same question always comes up in one form or another: How am I supposed to get everything done?! If you’ve had kids for more than two minutes, you know that, despite our best efforts, unpredictability and busy-ness is the 

Ideas for Every Day Art

Do you feel unqualified to teach your child the arts? You’re not alone. Whenever the topic of art comes up in homeschool circles, those who classify themselves as “non-artsy” shrug their shoulders in defeat, assuming they could never teach their kids art. They say things 

20 Homeschooling Articles to Help New Homeschooling Moms

Several of you asked that I post all of my homeschooling articles in one place. Here you are. Happy Homeschooling!   Five Questions Every Homeschooling Mom Should Ask Before Choosing Curriculum Favorite Homeschool Resources/Tools Series :Part I, Part II, Part III Good Advice On Home Education 

Thoughts on being scared to death of homeschooling, and thoughts on the thoroughly educated child

I’m entering my 17th year of homeschooling. If you’ve read here for more than two minutes you know I favor the Charlotte Mason method, have an artsy/crafty bent, emphasize music and poetry, read a lot, and tend to be rather eclectic. What you might not 

DIY Spring Bird’s Nest Tutorial

Even though we still have two feet of snow on the ground, I’m working on decorating my house for spring. Today my goal was to finish decorating my mantle. I made this bird’s nest for the mantle and thought I’d share how I made it.