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Generation ME

My husband and I were challenged at a youth workers conference to read a book entitled Generation Me: Why  Today’s Young Americans Are More Confident, Assertive, Entitled- and More Miserable Than Ever Before. Weird thing was, that I actually had checked that very book out of 

A One Size Fits All Parenting Tip

Yesterday we talked about the one size fits all parenting strategy that  God prescribes for us in Psalm 78.  here  We are to teach our kids about God’s mighty acts, so that they will remember to hope in God and to obey Him. I don’t know 

Is Your Child Delusional?

If you have ever spent time with young children, you quickly realize that every child is under a delusion. It is the delusion that life should work their way. It begins in the toddler years, when a one cherub wants a toy that the other 

A Little Trick I’ve Learned By Homeschooling

Because I have five children and home school them all, I have learned a little survival trick in life. This trick is called “zoning out.” Incase you are not a “zoner”, let me tell you how this works. My kids will be incessantly talking to 

Grace When You’ve Blown It.

Have you ever really blown it? I mean, really blown it? You fight with your spouse, or spew hurtful words to the kids you’ve spent your life nurturing and caring for. You wish you could reboot your day and start all over again and take