Thoughts On The New Book “Risen Motherhood.”

Thoughts On The New Book “Risen Motherhood.”

Biblically sound, beautifully illustrated, and refreshingly sane, Risen Motherhood: Gospel Hope for Everyday Moments is truly a breath of fresh air.


Written by Emily Jensen and Laura Wifler of the Risen Motherhood podcast, this book is NOT another instructional on how to be the perfect mom, how to balance it all, how to do and say all the right things so your kids have a fighting chance of being normal.

No, this book is full of gospel clarity for your tired, bleary-eyed soul. It covers the topics of heart attitudes, transitions, marriage, the everyday mundane, postpartum body image, food choices, and more.

This book is what you need to know and what you do know in your sanest, clearest, gospel-saturated moments.

A few favorite quotes:

“He (the Holy Spirit) allows you to see that motherhood isn’t just made up of long days and tedious work–motherhood is made up of a million tiny moments to worship.” (p. 27)

“Watch any child long enough, and you’ll know that humans are made for worship. Like a toddler in the toy aisle throwing a tantrum becuase you wont buy them the purple kitty with the enormous eyes, their outward rage is only a sign of the war of worship in thier hearts.” (p. 45)

“Now, as husband and wife, instead of being united as God designed, we sometimes live as two individuals sitting on different sides of the table. We act as enemies, not allies. The sole judge and jury of another’s ability to live out right purpose and mission.” (p. 68)

“With one bite of a perfect, locally grown, chemical-free, farm-to-table fruit, our relationship with God was severed. But Eve eating the fruit was only an outward sign of her inner doubt and desire to taste something other than God.” (p. 111)


I love that the only formulas in this book are the recurring reminders to remember the gospel and our shared story–  the creation, the fall, the redemption, and the consummation– and to consider how they affect our struggling moments as moms. For instance, when we ask questions through the lens of the creation, we’re invited to consider our created purpose, where we go for satisfaction, our original intent and whether at this moment we are living in light of that. When we remember the fall, we can examine our sinful desires, reactions, emotions, or thoughts and remember that they are not part of our original design or God’s intent for us, and we can repent of them. But far from morbid introspection, this book is constantly pointing up to our hope in Christ.

Younger moms, you need this book. I don’t write that often here as you know,  but Risen Motherhood should be required reading in the mom curriculum department. Okay?

Older moms, you’ll benefit from this book as well as you press forward in sanctification and in loving and serving grandchildren and spiritual children in the church. It will also help you remind younger women in the trenches of the hope found in the gospel.

I plan to purchase this book for new moms. It would make a great baby shower gift.

Well done, ladies. This book is a gift to the church at large and Christian moms everywhere.


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  • Hi Sarah, Thanks for sharing your thoughts about Risen Motherhood. It sounds like a wonderful book and it’s such a great idea to give it as a gift to Christian mothers. I’m definitely going to keep it in mind for some of my sweet friends. God bless!

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