My Big Little Girl

My oldest daughter is growing up! I know it has been 17 years in the making, but it hit me like a ton of bricks the other day. I was happily checking my mail, when I saw the latest Timberdoodle  catalog. We order tons of homeschooling stuff from this company, so it wasn’t the sight of the magazine itself that  floored me. It was the realization that this is the LAST time I will be choosing curriculum from this catalog for my oldest daughter, Rebekah. 

We started homeschooling her when she was 3…well, sort of. We use to sit on the floor near the refrigerator and look at a brightly colored phonics chart. I would point to the “A” and say, “A says /a/ like Amy. B says /b/ like Beth. C says /c/ like car. D says /d/ like daddy…” You get the idea. Well, one day she started sounding out little words all on her own. I was shocked. I picked up the phone to tell my husband. He was shocked. I had not taught this little girl to read. She figured it out all on her own, just like she learned to walk and talk. 

When she was old enough for nursery school, I called a local school to get more info. “If she’s reading, she will be bored with our program.” I started to panic. Hence our journey into homeschooling. I figured that I couldn’t mess up her education too badly by teaching her at home just for K5. So after some lengthy discussions with my husband ,who was bit skeptical, we plunged into homeschooling. And we  loved it!

So, it is bittersweet that I will be picking out curriculum for the very last time for Rebekah, my fellow pioneer and unwitting guinea pig in this homeschooling adventure.

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  • Yay! So glad to see your blog. And I can’t believe Bekah is finishing up this year either! Happy curriculum picking. And as a newbie just starting out in teaching my children, you are a great inspiration!

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