K4 Homeschooling using the Charlotte Mason Method

K4 Homeschooling using the Charlotte Mason Method

Several friends have asked me to text them what I’m using with our little guy for K4. Since my texting skills rot, I’m going to type it out here and share. This list is a bit tedious/detailed so feel free to click away if this 

Life Update: Transcripts, ACTs, and thoughts on homeschooling all the way through

Life Update: Transcripts, ACTs, and thoughts on homeschooling all the way through

Whenever I have a senior graduating, it seems the last few months are devoted entirely to getting them situated for college. Transcripts, ACTs, admissions paperwork, financial wrangling and the like dominate our end of the school year. Though it’s exciting, I always find myself looking 

7 Must-Read Books for Homeschooling Moms

Homeschooling is a daunting task and stepping into the world of homeschooling can be terrifying and overwhelming. There are so many questions and where do you even begin? I’ve been there. Over the years I’ve read so many homeschooling books, some good and some meh. 

Ideas for Every Day Art

Do you feel unqualified to teach your child the arts? You’re not alone. Whenever the topic of art comes up in homeschool circles, those who classify themselves as “non-artsy” shrug their shoulders in defeat, assuming they could never teach their kids art. They say things 

Thoughts on being scared to death of homeschooling, and thoughts on the thoroughly educated child

I’m entering my 17th year of homeschooling. If you’ve read here for more than two minutes you know I favor the Charlotte Mason method, have an artsy/crafty bent, emphasize music and poetry, read a lot, and tend to be rather eclectic. What you might not 

Hey, What Are You Looking At?

It’s that time of year. We began our homeschool year this week and as I evaluate where each child is, the old tendency to compare surprises my heart yet again. Comparison is always a cruel tormentor: Maybe we should have done that curriculum all along. 

In Praise of the Pensive Child

One of the best ways to validate your children is to accept them for who they are. There is a huge tendency to push our kids into what we love or what is currently pushed by society. Peter has often said that “what you praise, 

Grace For The Homeschool Mom

I’m a homeschooling mom of nearly 20 years and I’m weary. This post is to help you, the weary, burnt-out homeschooing mom, embrace a word that we seem to ignore: enough. Homeschooling moms have many wonderful qualities to be sure, but I’m not sure that 

Homeschooling {or not} During Times of Crisis

Wednesday morning, all was normal. I was sitting behind an observation window, chatting and drinking iced coffee with my sister Hannah while our girls tumbled and jumped at their gymnastics lesson. I received a startling phone call that Peter’s mom had several strokes that morning 

Diet, A Few Recipes and What’s New

  Just an update on what we are up to lately, besides getting over the flu. 🙂 1. Diet Details and a Recipe. Many of you have asked about the details of my new diet. I am the last one to be giving diet advice