A notice, that I am guest posting, turned tribute to Peter.

Just wanted to let you know that I was invited to be part of a “31 day marriage challenge” and am a contributing writer along with 31 other women writing about marriage this month.

I am thankful for God’s grace over our marriage as Peter and I have “WORKED” to get it right, and still we are not perfect. I have had many people tell us that we are the “perfect couple.” We are not.

We were high school sweethearts, and there is a special spot in my heart for Peter that no other person could ever fill. He makes me  laugh on a daily basis and is always fun to be with. People naturally “take” to Peter, because he genuinely cares for them. And he has a heart that has always been “tuned” to God. He really is one of the godliest men I  know.  (But, he is not the stuffy, self righteous, or condemning sort of  “godly” person that we sometimes encounter–you know, the kind that loves to insert themselves and their opinions about what you do and say at every chance they get!  He is never offensive.)

His godliness is seen in how he treats others with meekness, and in his servants  heart. Although he holds a leadership position(Youth Pastor/Director of Youth Ministries/ Business Administrator/Deacon) in our church, he is always serving others and never uses that to “call the shots,” or serve himself.  He builds other people up, even if he becomes a stepping stone along the way.

Godliness to God is seen by our love for other people, and  if we say we love God but fail to love others, we are self deceived, according to God’s word.

Although we love each other dearly, we found out early on that each of us had married …a sinner!  So two sinners under one roof with five kids equals a need for God’s grace and obedience to his word each and every day!

So, join me over at Time Warp Wifes blog to read about how to love your husband, not in the way that you might think, but according to the prescription in Titus 2, for philandros love, which is “friendship” love. My article is entitled “Do You Like Your Husband?”

Read here: 

Also, for another glimpse at what a spirit filled home should look like, you can read another guest post that I wrote here.

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  • What a sweet tribute to your husband! And I enjoyed reading your post over at Time-Warp Wife. I was familiar with some of the challenge bloggers before this month, but I’m also having fun finding new blogs to read.

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