Does God Like Me? {and What Motherhood Can Teach You About God}

Sometimes my role as a mom helps me understand God just a little bit more.

As a mom, my kids are constantly on my mind. 

I think about what’s best for them, what’s hindering them, what’s hurting them.

I’m protective of them and hurt when they hurt.

I want to do special things for them. I want to talk about them because I delight in them. I want to show you pictures of them, so I will. (See what I did there?)






I keep a protective helicopterish eye on them.

I pray for them when they get into a car to drive, or when they go to work or school. This morning I woke early to pray for my youngest who is at camp this week.

My love for them drives this interest in them.

Even with all of this,

my love for my kids is marred by my own sinfulness.

Can you imagine how much a perfect God must love and watch and protect His children?

Unfortunately, I believe we forget about God’s love for us as Christian women. In fact, this topic has come up several times in the last few weeks. Women who, deep down under all the hurt and despair are struggling to believe that God loves them. Well, academically, we know that “Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so,” but deep down inside we wonder if God really likes us.

I believe that this is the root of so many of our problems.

There are many a miserable Christian woman out there who are stumbling their way through their Christian walk because they’ve forgotten how much God loves them. They’ve believed the lie that they’ve been shortchanged, and that everyone else is treated better than they are. They are constantly comparing themselves to others. They really doubt whether God likes them, and it shows up everywhere in their life. Instead of understanding her position as “adopted and accepted in the beloved,” she:

  • fears that God is somehow out to get her.
  • fears what others think of her. She can never fully accept others gifts and talents without feeling bad about herself. She lives an out-shined, left-out life in her own mind.
  • fears open relationships because who would actually love me if they really knew me, she reasons.
  • is touchy, sensitive and quickly takes offense, believing she’s not as loved or admired as so-and-so.  Every comment becomes suspect, every perceived slight is felt deeply. She never gives anyone the benefit of the doubt.
  • deals with others with “walls up.” Self-protection is always the game plan. It shows up in selfishness, irritability, indifference, peevishness, pettiness, sarcasm, put downs.
  • she can never let anything go. Resentfulness, grudge holding and feuds characterize her.
  • she clings ever so desperately to anything she believes gives her meaning or identity (children, ministry, friendships, you name it.)

These are symptoms of forgetting God’s great love for you. You always feel like an outsider. Insecure and unsure.

As Christian woman, the blood of Jesus Christ on the cross saves us from Hell, yes, and that is an amazing thing, but it’s not the only thing.

The cross of Christ shows His great love for us, AND THAT IS JUST THE BEGINNING of His love and of the innumerable blessings He has planned for us here and in heaven. We have an amazing inheritance in heaven. You’re not just saved “by the skin of your teeth” if you are a child of God. You are lavishly loved and accepted into His beloved family. A joint-heir with Jesus.

This should change you. Anyone who is lavishly loved upon can never be the same. It heals wounds, and makes you a grace-giver.

God’s two great commandments, loving God and loving others, are easier to live out when you’ve experienced His great love.

Receivers of such love overflow with the same love.

How do you know when you’ve forgotten God’s love?

You become small and self-centered in your dealings with others.

You no longer love God before all else and look out for what’s best for your neighbor.


When you realize your own great sin,

and the even greater LOVE/LIKE/DELIGHT that our God has for us

that grace moves us, propels us in thanksgiving towards Christlikeness.

Imagine what our homes and churches would be like if we truly treasured all that Christ accomplished for us on the cross and all that He has planned for us in Heaven?

And imagine if God’s love satisfied us? Truly overwhelmed us with thanksgiving on a daily basis. Wouldn’t that joy overflow and sweeten all of our relationships with our family, friends and neighbors?




4 thoughts on “Does God Like Me? {and What Motherhood Can Teach You About God}”

  • Wonderful, Sarah. Our parenting gives us glimpses of God’s love, but his is infinitely greater and for that I am SO GLAD!

  • This is just beautiful! As I was reading, I thought of 3 things about God’s love. First, John 3:16 “for God so loved”. He, indeed, loves us enough to send His only Son. But, like you said, it is even more than that. In John 15:15, Jesus called us his “friends”. That speaks of intimacy and fellowship. Zephaniah 3:17 reminds us that He “delights in us” the way we delight in our children. What an incredible God we serve! Thank you for this beautiful reminder of the relationship we can have with Him!

    • We’re so much more apt to find our comfort in God when we know that He really loves us and desires time with us. Comforting.

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