Thankfulness: Contentment’s Kin

Still meditating on contentment, and realizing that when I am discontent (or when I grumble) I am raising my fist at God– not physically, mind you, because I know better than that. But, in my heart, it is just that.

“In everything give thanks, for this is God’s will for your life” is violated when I complain. This sin spirals quickly into envy (why did they get it?), self-pity (poor me, I want _______) and covetousness (I need to have it). Sin in the life will quickly kill all joy. A joyless Christian is SO not a good commendation of the gospel!

The remedy: Thankfulness.

Thankfulness is contentment’s kin. They always go hand in hand producing joy.

Thanksgiving recognizes that all that I have is from God’s good hand–that I am totally dependent on Him for life, breath and all. He gives me good things when, in fact, I deserve hell. To not give Him thanks must be such an assault to His character.

So today, I will be focusing on the goodness of God and will count my blessings.

Why don’t you count yours, too.

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