Let’s Start! Disciplines of A Godly Woman Book Study.

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Welcome to our fall book study! I think this classic book, Disciplines of A Godly Woman, will be a blessing to you!

If you want to join in, grab a copy of the book, and follow along reading just two chapters a week. If you are tight on time, and two chapters a week seems like a stretch, might I suggest taking a tough-love approach with yourself and not allowing yourself to check social media, or any entertainment until you’ve read your Bible daily and finished the weekly reading? Sometimes I find that adopting the “Word before World” mindset helps me stay focused on my spiritual life. (Or maybe scrolling isn’t a temptation for you but breakfast is. 😉  My childhood pastor used to say, “No Bible, No breakfast.” Is a bagel a bigger motivator? Use it, girl. lol)

I’ve made a printable schedule to keep you on track. Today, Sept. 23, we begin reading chapters 1 and 2. On Sept. 30th, we’ll discuss them on Instagram Stories.

Before you start, I want to make you aware of the very helpful resources at the end of this book. Not only are there a number of great devotional helps, but there is also a wonderful section on good deeds, ideas for good deeds, and scriptures about good deeds. It’s highly motivating! Also, the “What I Do With The Hard Things in My Life” was a wonderful primer for the Christian walk.

I hope they’ll help you as you seek to grow in godliness over the next 2 months. Let’s dive in!




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  • So excited to read along! I actually already had this book, and had read it maybe 10 years ago. Definitely time to read it again!

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