I Am Trying Something New This Summer

This summer our family is trying something new. We are going tent camping.

My sisters are trying to convince me that this is a temporary lapse in judgement and that I will hate the muggy tent, sandy sleeping bags and buggy campfires.

But my camping friends tell me that I will love the outdoors and the kids running wild, swimming and biking and enjoying the Cape Cod National Seashore.

In my dreams our tenting experience will be like this:

But I am pretty sure it will be a little simpler since I am not loading our bed into the minivan.

What say you? Any advice or tips you can offer? You are talking to a COMPLETE novice, and truth be told, a recovering hotel snob. Should I run? Or will we have fun?

Thanks for the help. 🙂 I’ll let you know how it turns out.

P.S. Does Dominoes deliver to a tent site? I have already googled the nearest Dunkin Donuts which is only a mile away if things get desperate.

7 thoughts on “I Am Trying Something New This Summer”

  • Can’t wait to hear the stories and see the photos when you come home. Although we will miss you this 4th of July, I know you will have fun……..Peter will see to that. 🙂

  • Don’t try to keep the tent clean…it won’t work!
    It’s a lot of work, but your kids are old enough to do most of it, so delegate!
    Pray for cool(er) weather! And no rain…tents (even the best ones) leak!
    Don’t expect to look like you stepped out of a beauty salon…a hairbrush, ponytail holders, and a bar of soap is about all you need!
    Other than all that, it’s really fun!

  • Boy are you in for a shock! Based on your picture that is.:) I have found that even if you don’t “love” every minute of it, the memories are priceless and the “mishaps” of the adventure make great story telling for generations.

    Have fun! We can swap stories after.:)

  • Have fun, Sarah! I can’t give any advice, because I’ve never been camping – on purpose! It sound like a beautiful place, though, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy every minute.

  • Whoooooooaaaaaa! I had never been camping until 4 years ago and with 4 little ones! It was GREAT!!! And we have camped every fall since then. Every fall!!! Do you know why I emphasize fall??!! Because we tried camping in May two years ago. It. Was. Miserable! We even bought a portable air conditioner to use in our tent. First night was bearable. But the second night… I think the heat had gotten to us. The bugs came out ten times worse! And our friends all say they have never seen a tent get packed up so quickly! We headed to the nearest hotel, which was an hour away! So the lesson we learned the hard way… We only camp in the fall!!!

    Now it may be a totally different story for you. We live in the panhandle of Florida. It is hot and muggy here! Maybe your humidity is different than ours, too. And the campfire at night? In MAY?!? Well, it looked pretty but no one wanted to get close to it!! Our rule of thumb now is no campfire? No camping!

    Camping is so much more fun in the fall!!! (in Florida! 😉

  • Okay…so I LOVE camping (for a maximum of 3 or 4 days).
    I think you’ll enjoy it!
    I DO NOT love the packing or the laundry or the middle-of-the-night-walks to the camp bathroom…
    BUT–I LOVE the campfires and the talking and the hanging-around-playing-card-games with nothing else to do.
    Somewhere in an old post I put a printable camping list up…if that would help?

    • I am glad you like it. YES, that list will help. I will search your site. I was planning to stop at Costco to get some pretty much ready made meals that I can put over ice and then heat/warm on our hibatchi. And I need to remember smores stuff.

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