DIY Dry Shampoo

Do you wash your hair every day? I don’t.

I have to admit that I use dry shampoo and love it. 

I have extremely thick hair and it takes me so long to dry.  So, washing my hair every other day saves me a lot of time. On the days when I don’t wash my hair, it gets a dry shampoo treatment.

Dry shampoo sales are soaring, because it is a great product! But, instead of paying $10 for an aerosol bottle of dry shampoo, I make my own with 2 simple ingredients:

1/2 cup baking soda

1/2 cup corn starch

Just mix it together in a glass jar. Voila!

To use sprinkle about 1/2 tsp into your hands and rub (like you are using hand cream or like a gymnast covers their hands with chalk)

Flip you head/hair over the sink and massage your roots with the mixture, starting at the base of your head and working towards your forehead. Then run your hands through the rest of your hair evenly. (If you have thick hair, like me, you might have to use a little more.)

Let sit for a minute or two while you put on your makeup.

Comb out with a fine comb. Style as usual.

You are good to go!

**Added tip from reader: If you put it in a shaker bottle you can just sprinkle it on the root area and rub it in. Awesome!

Do you shampoo every day? What hair products make your life easier? If you’ve blogged about it, feel free to share your links!


27 thoughts on “DIY Dry Shampoo”

  • Arrowroot powder instead of cornstarch leaves less residue. I add cocoa powder for dark hair. Apply with old makeup brush.
    I stay away from corn starch because most corn products are GMO.

  • This is GREAT green beauty recipe. I hate usng aerosol cans and baby powder usually has talc as the main ingredient and it’s we avoid in my household. Can’t wait to try this! Thanks!!

  • I use cornstarch or baby powder between washes n I’ve been wondering if baking soda was a good idea or not. I’m glad I found this. I have a problem with the powders making my scalp itch though. Anyone else have that issue or know how to correct it?

  • I add baby powder to mine too. I have been making this for years. Brush it out good and then use a hair dryer on your hair for a few minutes to get rid of the excess and that powdery look.

    • Cinnamon is great but if used for an extended period of time it will slowly lighten the color of your hair so be aware of that.

  • If you feel it leaves a residue: I have always suggested to clients when using a dry shampoo to hit up their roots, tossle it, then hit it yhe blow dryer abd a wide tooth comb. Helps a ton!

    Oh, and parmesan lids fit awesome on mason jars to help sprinkle the mix better

  • I have done this for many years but used a dab of baby powder or shower to shower powder. It works especially well if you have oily hair. This can also be done for those that over produce oil in their hair, put some on a fresh head and it absorbs all day long.

  • I have curly hair, so I just let it sit a minute then ruffle my hair at the roots which will rub some in and shake some out. Works great w/o brushing!

    Haven’t tried yet, but I read you can mix in pure cocoa powder to bring in a darker shade for really dark hair. Helps keep the ashiness at bay!

  • Excellent post! Does it leave a residue? I have dark hair, and one of the dry shampoos I use (Got 2B) leaves a bit of an ash or gray color.

    • My hair is light brown and it doesn’t. You work it through and comb it out anyway before you style. Hope this helps!

    • I have black hair so all dry shampoo products are tough for me. They don’t just brush or comb out – you can still see an ashy residue. But my routine is to put corn starch in my hair (in the oily places – my scalp, at my temples, at the nape of my neck) at night before I go to bed. Then by the morning usually all the white cornstarch has soaked in or rubbed off and I’m good to go. If there’s anything visible left in the morning I just use a towel and gently rub it out of my hair. Works like a charm!

  • I use baby powder. My hair is fine and oily. This works great and smells good!

  • I have to wash my hair daily because it gets very oily and it is more of a thin and fine texture. Do you know if works well for oily hair? You can use this combination for deoderant too, if you run out.

  • Wow! Thank you for this! I have been wanting to get some Dry Shampoo for my few off days, which don’t happen as often as I’d like since I have super oily hair. I can’t wait to get some cornstarch and try it

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