A One Size Fits All Parenting Tip

Yesterday we talked about the one size fits all parenting strategy that  God prescribes for us in Psalm 78.  here  We are to teach our kids about God’s mighty acts, so that they will remember to hope in God and to obey Him.

I don’t know about you, but I easily forget things.

I am a huge list maker. If it doesn’t get written down, it doesn’t get done.

So, to me, this whole concept of remembering to teach in everyday life is something that I need to work to achieve.

I write myself reminders. I post scripture. I use other mind prompts, because I know that I am so prone to forget.

And I don’t want to forget, because when we forget to teach our children, they loose their grounding and their hope.

Just like when Israel failed to live and teach what God prescribed. They lost their grounding, and headed into sin.

They complained, craved things God didn’t want them to have, wallowed in self pity, distrusted and falsely accused God.

They focused on their :

  • past- “Remember what we used to eat in Egypt,” instead of focusing on the blessing and provision of daily mana from God.
  • problems- “We have no water!” instead of remembering the God who provided water in a dessert and from a rock.
  • desires- “We want meat,” and then questioned God’s power by asking “Can God spread a table in the wilderness?” instead of praising Him all that He had provided and trusting in His presence.
  • idols- Even though they had seen God part the Red Sea, provide food that rained from heaven and water from a rock, they still worshipped idols of stone, wood and gold–not to mention their own lusts.

God gives us an inside look into their hearts while they were acting this way: (Ps. 78:32,36)

In spite of of all this, they still sinned: despite his wonders, they did not believe.

But they flattered him with their mouths; they lied to him with their tongues: Their heart was not steadfast toward him, and they were not faithful to his covenant.

They sinned. Did not believe. Flattered. Lied. Wavered. Unfaithful. Not a pretty picture of God’s people, is it?

Today, we may not crave meat and water, and we may not serve idols of gold and wood, but I believe that many times we are still like the Israelites.

We  dwell on our  problems, we cling to what we crave , spend inordinate amounts of time worshipping our “idols”– money, success, power, respect, friends, etc… instead of setting our hope in God and his goodness.

And when we cling to anything but God, usually God disciplines us, sometimes by allowing us to have what we actually desire (which can be scary) or by taking away all of the things we are grasping for.

I love Romans 8:32 .” He who did not spare his own Son but gave him up for us all, how will he not also with him graciously give us all things?”

Our heart skips a little beat when we read this, knowing that God delights to give us good things. Good, we think, expecting the “good things” to be the things we desire and crave, as though God is some genie or magician ready to do our bidding.

But, what happens when the “things” that God gives us includes  trials and withholding things that we desperately want?

I love this quote from Lydia Brownback’s book Contentment. “Can we not be content if part of the “all things” includes some withholding? For the daughter of God, any withholding is itself a provision, and we can experience it with joy when we know that the withholder loves us.”

and ” Sometimes we get the wrong idea about how God satisfies us. He doesn’t come to us on our terms, taking the role of a surrogate for the things or the relationship we lack. HE comes in place of those things, giving us something even better.”

God always gives us what is good for us. And instead of worrying or despairing, fuming or complaining, let’s thank Him and lead our children to thank Him as well.

So, today, REMEMBER to teach your children about the wonders of God. This should be part of our everyday talk.  Tell them how He has helped you personally. Tell them of your answered prayer and His faithfulness. Don’t let your home be a place of “poor me” stories and  an “if only” legacy. Leave your children a vibrant heritage of a hope in their personal, loving God.


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