10 Important Lessons Christian Moms Need to Teach Their Kids

Ever get bogged down and completely overwhelmed at the monumental task of parenting? There are thousands of lessons to teach your little one, all lessons you hope will stick! Best scenario, all of your instruction will be internalized one day and become more than just head knowledge; hopefully it becomes wisdom. Parenting is one of the greatest blessings of my life, and also one of my most daunting task. I want to do this thing right. I know God will use my small efforts and bless them. So here are a few of the important lessons we taught our kids when they were young. We didn’t sit them down and lecture them, we just incorporated them into our everyday talk.

That said, here are 10 critical lessons to teach your child.

10 lessons

1. God is God and what He says is “reality.” I don’t care if the whole world is disagreeing with or questioning God. You either place your trust in man or God. I’ll go with God. After all, He made us and knows how to fix us. The created must assume the Creator knows best.

2. “Good works” start at home. Who you are at home is who you are. When you do good to the people of your own home, you are training your character.

3. Selfishness brings misery. It always has. Demanding your own way, promoting your own agenda, walking over people, going over people’s heads, hurting others with a careless tongue all ultimately bring you misery. Sin always has that effect.

4. Faithfulness counts. When you say you’ll do something, be faithful to do it. There’s nothing worse than someone who promises you the world, and then doesn’t come through. Weigh your words. If you have good intentions, but fail to deliver, you are still seen as unfaithful. If you can’t be true to your word, don’t give it.

5. Actions speak louder than words. Don’t tell me what you’re all about, show me. Words, in this twitter-verse, are extremely cheap and meaningless. But someone who lives out what they believe is invaluable.

6. With faithfulness comes responsibility. This is true in all spheres of life. When you are faithful to do little tasks, God will give you bigger responsibility. Want God to expand your ministry? Be faithful to the little things at home first, and watch Him move on your behalf.

7. You can only be useful to Christ when you see yourself as a servant. A will-full, defiant, self-directed, disobedient servant is of no use to anyone. A servant does what the Master bids, and isn’t worried about what jobs He’s doling out to other servant.

8. The humility in your heart directly corresponds to your reliance on Christ. The more dependent, the more humility. The more self-assertive, self-reliant, self-dependent, the more pride.

9. If it isn’t helpful, loving, or kind, don’t say it. Words should edify and build up, not break. Even loving correction is intended to restore, not destroy. Angry people and their words destroy themselves, their own reputation, ministry and friendships. Once you say something, the scars are there forever, so choose your words wisely. People judge you by what you say. Your words reveal your heart condition at that moment, your judgement, your wisdom.

10. Jesus needs to be enough. If Jesus is not enough for you, you’ll try to find fulfillment in people, positions or projects. You’ll spend your life filling the void seeking entertainment, recognition, respect, power, status, youthfulness, a certain image, thrills, in thing etc. In short, you’ll never be happy or content.

“Jacob’s wife Rachel was never a very happy person. She wasn’t a very productive woman either. She spent the majority of her life seeking the things she wanted at any cost and at the expense of other people. God never satisfied Rachel, which is precisely why nothing else satisfied her either.” Lydia Brownback

What would you add? What life lessons would you advise young mothers to make sure they teach their kids?

6 thoughts on “10 Important Lessons Christian Moms Need to Teach Their Kids”

  • Some great and sometimes hard lessons to learn. I think I would add that especially young mothers need to learn is that their children are on loan from God.

    • Yes, that changes our whole perspective. AND that God will ask of to give account of how we treated, and what we taught His little ones.

  • I also tell my kids that God is with them and loves them even if they are caught in the depths of sinful behavior and are doing terrible things. We have a God who has given us a gospel of grace, and God never ceases being gracious.

    And my advice to young parents is that their responsibility is to be faithful in raising their children, but the responsibility for the results of how that child grows up is between the child and God. (Contrary to some recent advice from a well-known pastor and writer: http://timfall.wordpress.com/2013/10/22/mark-driscoll-almost-good-parenting-advice/ )

    Cheers to all parents! God loves you too!


    • Amen, Tim. We need to do our part, but then God does the heart work. 🙂 I can only imagine what you see in the court system. Some people will not learn and that is a choice. Good points in your post.

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