The Truth About True Love

Sometimes true love expresses itself in surprising ways. I realized this the other day when Peter did something very utilitarian for me. It  caught me off guard to feel my heart warming and skipping a beat over something so small. Young girls, listen up. There 

Long Expected Jesus

Long Expected Jesus

Expectancy. To expect. To look forward to. To anticipate. Some say that expectations are little more than premeditated resentments. I guess we learn from living in a broken world that it’s safer not to expect too much, not to set our hearts on anything, not to 

What I’ve Been Up To This Christmas

What I’ve Been Up To This Christmas

I can hardly believe that my son, Matthew, will be home in a few days for Christmas vacation. The anticipation of the season has been sweet. We’ve purposefully marked our calendar to include times of rest and solitude which has made this Christmas the most 

Still, Still, Still: The Missing Key to Adoration.

There’s no shame in listening to Christmas carols before Thanksgiving in my book. They somehow bring all of the sentiments we hold dear–home, family, faith, hope, love– and tie them all together in one musical, merry package. {And who can lift your spirits like Bing 

A Newsy, Political-free Post

This is going to be newsy because I haven’t had much time to blog in a while. I’m staying off-line for the most part because of the drama/hate/turmoil of the election. It breaks my heart to see the lows of humanity and the fact that 

DIY Doctored-Up Dollar Tree Church Ornament

Wanted to share an easy craft I’ve been working on for Christmas. I love New England churches, so when I saw that Dollar Tree had these ornaments, I snatched up a bunch to doctor-up. I simply added twine, plaid ribbon from Michael’s Craft Store, and 

10 Ways To Refresh Your Soul

Looking for ways to refresh this winter? The common theme among my friends is that we are all looking for ways to rest our bodies and revive our hearts a bit after a hectic holiday season. We all know that doesn’t happen automatically. It needs 

Great Gift Ideas for your Teen {Christmas 2015}

Not sure what to buy your teen? I’ve done my homework and today I’m going to share a few favorite finds with you. If the teen in your life has a serious hobby like skiing, skating, writing, or painting, then theme related shirts, accessories, mugs, and 

10 {Small} Gift Ideas to Give to Your Friends

I love giving little “friendship” gifts to some of my closest friends. Nothing expensive…tokens really, just to let them know how special they are to me, or how thankful I am for them. Ideally, I’d make a homemade ornament or hot drink mix (like this spicy chai 

Two Favorite DIY Holiday Cheese Spreads

I had a group of friends over this week for fellowship and food and one thing they all had in common was their love for these cheese spreads: Garlic and Herb, and Blue Cheese, Walnut, and Cranberry Spread. I love this recipe because it’s inexpensive