Read With Me Challenge.

Read With Me Challenge.

Goodbye, 2020. {Waves} (Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. haha )

I’m excited for 2021. Want to join me in a reading challenge? Who wants to read the New Testament with me in January?

Won’t that be a great reset for 2021?

I’ve got a printable for you to fold up and put in your Bible. You can download it here

If you don’t think you can read the NT in one month, how about listening to it on a Bible audio app? Reading through is different than reading to study, so if you don’t understand something, don’t let it stop you from continuing. You are storing up God’s word and it won’t return void. Reading through helps to give you a big picture view of scripture, so all you perfectionists out there, get ready to just go with it if you don’t understand every little portion.

Hope you’ll join me. Let’s find each other with the #readwithme30

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