Mothering for the Kingdom

Peter was teaching on witnessing to our teen group. He mentioned that someday we will be accountable to have witnessed to those who are closest to us. God puts us in a circle of influence and He wants us to be witnesses there first. Door to door witnessing is okay, but in the scheme of eternity, we are responsible first for those we have relationships with- that we actually know and rub shoulders with on a daily basis.

Fast forward :  As I am driving along in silence, where I do some of my best thinking, my mind races and thoughts formulate and I realize yet again that the same concept is true of Motherhood.

I am most responsible for those in my direct circle of influence: My kids and husband. My home.

Nobody else can feed my family three meals a day. I am responsible for that job. The Lord sees whether  I do it for Him or not.

Nobody else can care for my home and guard it against ungodly influences. My job again. Again, the Lord sees all.

Nobody else will answer for the things that MY kids were taught. That is my job.

The list could go on and on.

While my kids are young and in my care, this needs to be my first priority. And it is soooo hard. We think  it’s not important, because all around the messages are the exact opposite.

I am told that in order to be fulfilled, I need to buy certain clothes, cars, and live in a suburban part of the city. And in order to do all of those things, you need money…lots of it.

Last time I checked the front of Glamour Magazine, I am pretty sure the cover was not about being a house wife.

Nobody appears on Oprah to tell how they scrimped and saved on groceries so that they could stay home and wash sticky hands. again. and. again.

Changing diapers and cutting up food into bit sized pieces just doesn’t make the big screen. It isn’t glamourous enough.

So, in this area I need God’s grace yet again, in order to renew my mind. To think the thoughts He thinks. To agree with His estimation.

He tells me to keep my home. To teach my children. To love my husband. To entertain- even strangers. And to do it for Him and so that the gospel will look attractive.

Someday, God will reward me, and other moms who “Mothered for the Kingdom.” Even if this whole world thinks I am a failure, isn’t it nice to know that God sees and rewards in the end?

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