Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas {for those with little time, money or energy.}

Tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day, girls. Yup. And if you are in need of some last minute, frugal ideas, I have a few for you.

1. No money to go out? Hype the kids up for a special early dinner (pizza?) in front of a short movie (ahem–so you can prepare), then put them to bed early so you and your husband can have some alone time.ย Then eat in.

  • If you can’t afford a sitter, but can afford a meal, set up a pretty table and order your favorite meal from a local restaurant. (call ahead about take out wait times on Valentine’s Day.)
  • If you can’t afford a meal or sitter, make something your husband loves. Mine loves French Onion soup with cheese and anything roast beef or steak.
  • If you are on a tiny budget, make a really special dessert and coffee. Some ideas:
  1. Chocolate Covered Strawberries are quick and simple. Micro 1 cup of chocolate chips with 1T butter for 45 seconds. Stir. Continue heating and checking every 20 seconds until smooth. Dip clean, washed and patted dry strawberries. Yum! You can also dip pretzels, oranges, etc…
  2. Martha Stewart’s Molten Chocolate Cake is to die for.

2. Set the Stage: Light an entire package of tea lights ($1/dozen at the Dollar Tree) while you eat. Stick them in anything glass and group them together for an airy, romantic atmosphere.

One year, I brought patio furniture into our bedroom and set a table in there. On the window, I filled whatever I could find with a tea light candle. It was lovely.

3. Gift? All you need is a card. Can you lean in so I can whisper some advice an older woman gave me once? She said “Honey, guys don’t care about gifts. Just buy him a card, and inside of it tuck a new pair of the tiniest lace undies you can find.” Total winner of an idea. I promise.

What are your last minute Valentine’s Ideas? Share in the comments.


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