Favorite Book Recommendations

Just wanted to let you know that I’ve finally got my favorite books listed in an Amazon store by category so you can see them all visually. I’m still figuring out this whole store thing, but my categories are parenting, christian growth, homeschooling, being a godly wife and counseling:”you’ve got issues”.

The list is not yet complete, but I’m a-working on it. 🙂

christian home

I’ve benefitted so much from so many of these books, that they feel like old friends! Although I recommend them, read with discernment, won’t you? No book is perfect, except the Bible, and just because I recommend one, doesn’t mean a blanket endorsement of their entire life or their affiliations. 🙂 Mkay?

Also, you know that right now you can Join Amazon Prime for Free for 30 days?  If you have Christmas shopping to do, this is the time to try it for a month of FREE 2-day shipping! {woot!} You can cancel after that, but we kept ours because between ordering homeschooling material, birthday presents, christmas gifts and sending stuff to kids at college, we saved in the long run.


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