Exciting New Watercolor Venture

Many of you know that I paint in all my free time. Well, I should say, I make free time to paint.

No, really, one of the ways I love to unwind is by painting, and my idea of a perfect day is to go somewhere on location and paint with the kids… I don’t care whose kids they are, as long as they are interested. Seriously, whenever I’m painting outside, little kids come and stand over me and stare. {crickets}

“HI, there! Would you like to try?”

They are always so excited!

Did I tell you about the time this summer when I was painting with my nieces and nephews at Nubble Lighthouse in ME and two little kids came and joined us? They were happy as clams, chatting and painting away. The mother, who was MIA for like 40 minutes, came bolting over to see what was going on. She was “none too happy.” lol  I felt like saying, “Hey lady, I did you a favor. I sat your kids down on the rocks and kept them in one place, so they wouldn’t, you know…slip on the slick rocks straight into the ocean.” But I said nothing, realizing that she had the “uphill advantage” and I had nowhere to go but down into the ocean.  JK, but I can just imagine the car ride home for those kids:

“WHAT have I told you about talking to strangers!?”



I’m excited to let you know that several of my watercolors are available as photo style greeting cards. Each card is handmade and titled and signed by me.

I’m selling them in packages of 6 for $16 through Etsy and PayPal. Shipping is $3 or free if you buy three packages. You can “buy it now” under each picture and if you scroll down to the end of the post, you’ll see your shopping cart summary. I’m explaining this because I was confused when I tried it out and nothing seemed to happen…until I realized that it was all happening at the bottom of the post. 🙂

I hope you like them and buy them up as Christmas gifts! 😉

“Rose Cottage”

[wp_cart_button name=”Rose Cottage” price=”16.00″]

“Bringing in the Harvest” (That is at my parent’s house. That’s the red pump house behind the workers. They guy in green is my cousin, Scotty.)

[wp_cart_button name=”Bringing In The Harvest” price=”16.00″]

“Harju Brothers” (This is my dad on the left and his brother on the right. They’re using dry picking machines which aren’t used much anymore.)

[wp_cart_button name=”Harju Brothers” price=”16.00″]

“Nubble Light” I painted this on the beach in York, ME as our kids played. It was such a lovely spot.

[wp_cart_button name=”Nubble Light” price=”16.00″]

OR, if you want to mix and match any six, you can choose that option below. Let me know what you’d like in the comments in PayPal and I will get that to you.

[wp_cart_button name=”Your choice: Mix and Match 6″ price=”16.00″]

Thanks so much for supporting our extremely small new business. 🙂 I’m filling orders at my kitchen table, and God put it on my heart to pray for each customer as I was filling orders. It was a sweet time of fellowship, thanking God for you and for your friendship, and for this opportunity to work from my house, and for the internet where this is all possible. We live in amazing times!

Thanks for being excited with me! 🙂






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