Five Ways We Send our Kids Mixed Messages.

Five ways we send mixed messages to our kids:

1. Teach them that knowing and loving God is the most important aspect of life  but then neglect reading His word to them and put everything else before Sunday worship: sleep, housework, baseball, family parties, work, weddings, etc…whatever it is, God can wait. He’ll understand.

2. Teach them that loving others is paramount, and then complain about church members, bad mouth family members and gossip about neighbors. If you really want to cement it in, you hold a long term grudge against someone and pass that mess of a feud down through another generations. (family loyalty, after all!)

3. Tell them that they are the most important people in your life and then spend your days on the phone, texting, reading blogs and social media of all sorts. Anything but being with them. Snap at them when they ask you for help or seem to annoy you.

4. Teach them that our money is on loan from God– we are His stewards and then put $5 in the missionary offering and spend $300 an new coffee maker.

5. Teach them that this world is not our home, we’re “just a passing through” and then take on the norms and mindset of the people around you, blending in seamlessly. You don’t want to stand out as different.


How might our Sundays, our calendar, our relationships, our words, our checkbook and our lifestyle look differently if we practiced what we preached? 


There are so many other mixed messages. What are some you send?

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4 thoughts on “Five Ways We Send our Kids Mixed Messages.”

  • Amen Sister! A good reminder we must be faithful to let our words and actions both testify that our faith and hope is in Him. Will be sharing this!

  • Really good to think through…
    I think it needs to develop into a parenting “Screwtape Letters” or something.

    (Here’s mine) Tell them that God is in control and trustworthy and loving and all-powerful, but then show anxiety and worry and fail to stop & pray when something scary or difficult happens.

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