DIY Rustic Farmhouse Calligraphy Bridal Shower Favors

DIY Rustic Farmhouse Calligraphy Bridal Shower Favors

We had my daughter’s bridal shower this past weekend and my sister, Hannah, did a lovely job decorating and hosting it. I’ll share a few of those pictures when I get them from her, but I wanted to share the favors that I made for each guest.  I copied these from my friend, Heather, who did them for her MUM’S group, so THANK YOU, Heather!

I knew these would be perfect as I love having a verse on my windowsill. The clothes pin makes this an easy way to change out the verse, quote, thought, or inspiration you want to meditate upon.  My daughter, Rebekah, did the calligraphy for us. She sent us the .png images and we were able to print them on white card stock and cut them into 3″X5″ (or thereabouts- some came out a little more squarish) sized prints.

IMG_8406Peter bought 2″X6″ wood at Lowes  (which I later learned actually measures 2″X5.5″ for some strange builder-construction-woodworking reason. HAHA) and cut them into 6″ lengths. We sanded them down until fairly smooth, then stained them using Minwax Classic Grey. (A half pint covered 50 favors.) I used a staining pad rather than a rag to do the staining. It holds quite a bit of stain like a sponge and make coverage quick and easy. Make sure you wear rubber gloves when you stain as it STAINS!! haha.

After they dried, we added medium sized clothes pins (Walmart!) with a glue gun.

It was nice to have Rebekah’s calligraphy at the shower since she wasn’t able to fly up for the event! (sniff-sniff)


I understand that New England “primitive” is not everyone’s cup of tea, and these may seem clunky to some styles. Hopefully this just gives you a spring board to create a craft that is your own style. Also, If you don’t have access to wood working tools, you could make a variation on this theme by framing a beautiful saying in an inexpensive frame.

Rebekah’s Calligraphy can be seen here, if anyone is interested in messaging her for more custom calligraphy quotes.

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