Cultivating Humility

As you know, I am going through the book From Pride To Humility by Stuart Scott this week. My first post on this book focused on the problem of pride and how it shows up in our lives. here.

Now I’ll share a few highlights about Humility. Not too many–remember, I want you to buy the book!

First, some Biblical synonyms for humility:

  • bowing low
  • crouching down
  • gentle
  • meek
  • servile
  • yielding

We  know that Jesus was the greatest example of a servant. He was meek and lowly. He put himself last and others first. He calls us to do the same.  He was completely surrendered to  the will of another (His Father.)

In our day and age, the greatest is the one who has status, popularity, wealthy or power. But, in Jesus eyes, the least – the servant of all- is the GREATEST.

Humble people are focused on God and others, but not on themselves. They have no need approval or recognition. They don’t demand respect from other people, because they have no need to elevate themselves. They, instead, are seeing to elevate God and encourage and better others.

Here is what Humility looks like in every day life:

  • Being overwhelmed with God’s undeserved grace and goodness. Ps. 116:12-19
  • Being gentle and patient. Col. 3:12-14
  • Seeing yourself as no better than others. Eph. 3:8
  • Being a good listener. James 1:19
  • Being gladly submissive  and obedient to those in authority. Rom. 12:1-2
  • Being thankful for criticism or reproof. Prov. 9:8
  • Quickness in admitting when you are wrong and seeking forgiveness. Col.3:12-14
  • Being genuinely glad for others. Rom.12:15
  • Minimizing other’s sins and shortcomings in comparison to your own. Matt. 7: 3-4
This was a wonderful little book. I found the best price at CBD (they beat Amazon’s price!)



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