A Parenting Gem from Charlotte Mason, That Nearly Every Other Parenting Book Missed

I’m re-reading Home Education by Charlotte Mason and I stumbled upon this nugget of mothering goodness that stayed with me for months and wanted to share it, as I don’t recall ever reading it explained this way anywhere else. (And let’s be honest, you’ve seen 

Dear Moms, It’s okay to be unremarkable.

Dear Moms, It’s okay to be unremarkable.

I’m so glad I didn’t have the internet when my kids were little. The internet has become a measuring stick for young moms that constantly tells them that they aren’t measuring up. It hammers away at your soul, a photo, a click, a comment at 

The Wrong Discussion We’re Having about the Cat Call Video

I watched the now viral “cat call” video. If you’ve not heard of it by now, it’s of a woman walking silently through NY for ten hours with a hidden camera, to document how many men yelled to her, whistled, “complimented”–if you call “hey baby” a compliment. 

7 Tips For Dealing With Toxic People

Today I’m sharing some of the best advice I’ve been given for guarding my mind and heart when it comes to toxic people.  Nothing mind blowing, mind you, just plain common sense, because if we’re not careful, their craziness will affect us. I often get 

Do Small Things

What would the world be like if we encouraged each other to do small things? We’ve all heard “Do Great Things”…. But what if doing truly great things means doing exceptionally small things? In a Christian world that encourages the “radical,” I believe we’ve underestimated 

Hospitality 101 Series

My sweet friend Niki asked me to share some ideas for extending hospitality in the home, a topic that I am happy to cover because it is near and dear to my heart. In the last few years, I’ve been asked to speak several times 

Is Your Church A Country Club?

  I have been brainstorming ideas for an upcoming ladies event in New Hampshire where I was asked to speak. A few weeks ago, I was discussing this with a friend, and asking her advice. I asked what she felt was the most pressing need 

Self Control: Your Safety Net.

I don’t care for trampolines. Truth be told, my kids have to ASK every time they go on one, because they know how much I hate them. I envision horrible neck injuries. But, when they came up with the kind with the safety net around 

God Is Bigger Than Our Educational Choices

It’s back to school time and we  moms like to chatter about what is “upcoming” for our  kids this fall. Some of you are making plans to homeschool, like we are. Some of you are sending your kids to private schools. Some of you are 

Why Choose Joy?

Because looking around without the lense of joy, this is what I see: Piles of shoes by the door. Dirt on the floor by shoes “not stomped” (by two boys who should know better.) Toys, left out, in cluttered heaps. Books in piles, in each