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You Have A Job To Do Today For Eternity

Do you have a lazy side? I do.

The lazy side of me says, “I’ll do that tomorrow. I’ll clean it, call her, get to it, work on it, figure it out, deal with it tomorrow. Today, I’ll take it easy, zone out, relax. And maybe tomorrow…”

You know what I mean, don’t you? Lots of plans, but little implementation, then we get distracted…..OH MY WORD, isn’t that a gorgeous outfit on Pinterest! And I must look into that book and try that recipe. Someday.

As women who make God our #1 priority, we can’t afford an “I’ll get to it later” mindset. We have a job to do today that impacts someone for eternity.


Your big opportunities for faithfully serving the Lord come in the tiny tasks:

  • It might be serving a bowl of cereal to your child with a smile rather barking orders for him/her to get it themselves.
  • It might be picking up the phone to honor your mother with a phone call just to see how she is doing.
  • It might be making your husband’s favorite meal just because he loves it and you love him.
  • It might be giving of your talent to help a friend be successful in her pursuits.
  • It might be using your time to sit with a hurting friend, or listening to a lonely shut-in or neighbor.
  • It might be bringing food and comfort to a grieving family.

We have a long legacy of women before us who got the job done, went the extra mile, were faithful and dependable.

  • Jocabed and her early training of Moses, not to mention her amazing basket weaving skills,
  • Rebekah and her water pitcher, providing comfort for family and strangers
  • Israelite women who “had a willing heart” and “brought an offering to the Lord.”  (Ex. 35:5) These women used their time, talents and treasure to benefit the building of the tabernacle.
  • Ruth who worked hard to support her mother-in-law Naomi.
  • Dorcas who was full of “good works and charitable deeds.” (Acts. 9:36)

The list is long, but the message is clear: They went about doing good because they loved the Lord with all their heart, soul and strength.

Although they were human, and selfishness must have been a struggle for them as well, I’m thankful for these examples in scripture where they did the right thing.

Edith Schaeffer made this observation and offers encouragement for creating a caring family environment:

This is what is being said today to most children, as well as to most husbands or wives: “Just get it yourself” or “Do it yourself…” it becomes a refrain without a very pretty tune: “I have my rights.” “I’m tired.” “I’m reading a book, I don’t want to be disturbed.”….
How do I regard my having run upstairs with tea, or having served breakfast in bed, or having continued for years to do this kind of thing for a diversity of people as well as for husband and children? How do I look at it? Do I feel like a martyr?

Let me tell you exactly how I see it…”Thank You that there is a practical way to serve YOU tea [or breakfast in bed, or whatever it is I am doing for someone]. There would be no other way of bringing You [God] food, or doing some special thing for You. Thank You for making it so clear that as we do things that are truly in the realm of giving of ourselves in service to others, we are really doing it for You. These things can be done so often!”

Laziness is not your friend. It robs you of your ideals and goals. It steals the joys you’d planned for others. It silences the love and encouragement that another person was meant to hear. It leaves you empty because self-focus always leaves guilt and regrets.

Who can you serve today? Time is a gift, that must be used wisely. All we may have it today to do good! Today, make it a point to love those around you well.