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Why I Take Pictures and Weekend Favorites

The pursuits of motherhood are often undone minutes before they are completed, aren’t they? (Laundry, anyone?) It can be a little discouraging to look back on your week and wonder what you actually got done. Yes, the house is still standing. Yes, my children are all in once piece, but WHAT did I do with my time? There’s nothing to show when you are driving kids to work and washing, dirtying, and re-washing dishes over and over again. So, I’ve purposefully documented a few of the domestic things I’ve done over the last month, as a reminder of what did actually get done and as an encouragement that though my work is “here for a moment, then vanishes away” it WAS done and it did count, even if my foggy mind can’t recall what I did two minutes ago.

Today, I thought I’d share a few of those domestic pursuits from this past week, plus some favorite finds from around the web. One of the reasons I love taking pictures with my iPhone is because it helps me remember and give thanks for the life we have.

If you’re a young mom wondering what you actually do with all your time, TAKE TIME TO SNAP A PICTURE. It’s wonderfully encouraging to review and see the moments where you were shaping your family culture by caring for others, cooking, cleaning, spending time, or serving the Lord together. It’s also a reminder that time passes and though there are no awards for the mom who sat up with the croupy kid all night, we know that God sees every small deed done for Him and we will be rewarded by Him.

Domestic Pursuits::

This week I made Marcella Hazan’s delicious bolognese sauce, a recipe that people across the internet swear is THE only bolognese sauce you’ll ever need.  It was fabulous. It cooks for hours on the laziest of simmers and the whole house smells divine in the process.  I served it with pappardelle and lots of fresh pecorino Romano.

(Please forgive the mediocre iPhone pics!)


I also made some homemade ice cream using this coffee ice cream recipe based on David Lebovitz’s recipe, and of course, I used Starbucks Morning Joe as the coffee of choice.  It came out delish! I also made mint chip , though, next time I will steep my fresh mint in the milk a bit longer.


We had overnight guests, so I made my favorite waffle recipe and added berries and whipped cream. (You all know about Trader Joe’s shelf-stable whipping cream, right? You store it in your pantry until you want to use it, then stick it into the fridge for a few hours to chill and viola! Whip it with your Immersion blender and it takes less than 3 minutes to make delicious whipped cream.)


I also made this crustless quiche which is a great recipe to make when you are cleaning out your fridge and have a mishmash of leftover veggies.


To make, saute 4 cups of fresh, cut up veggies. Sometimes I use thinly sliced zucchini and onion, but today I used pepper, onion, mushroom, scallion, and tomato.

I put all the sauteed veggies in a 9X12 pan. I then whisk together a dozen eggs and a bag and a half of shredded cheese. (12 oz.) Today I used mozzarella and cheddar, but you can use whatever you like. Pour the egg/cheese mixture over the veggies. I then add a tsp each of fresh chopped basil, oregano, and parsley. (If you don’t have fresh, use 1/2 tsp of basil and oregano and 1 tsp of parsley. You can use whatever savory herbs you like.) I add a little garlic salt and pepper and stir that in as well. Then I bake it for 18-22 minutes or until the edges are browned.

Of course, you can also add chopped ham to this recipe or tweak it however you want. I make this when I am having a friend over for lunch and serve with a nice salad.

We just finished up a bit of landscaping around the yard (happy!) and I am thrilled that our rose topiary (that Peter bought me after our trip to England last year) is thriving and in full bloom. I was pretty sure I had killed it after I knocked it over once and over pruned it this past fall. Little B likes to help me water all the flowers first thing in the morning.



I also had a few hours to pick up a paint brush and start a watercolor of my little one at the beach. It’s not finished and may not be for another month, but here’s the start of this work in progress. IMG_3120
Articles I Enjoyed::
This Harvard study tracked the emotional well-being of two groups of men from 1939-2014, and found the #1 single most predictor of happiness in the results. Fascinating read.

This article entitled “Peaches in Paradise” about Elisabeth Elliot was inspiring.

This article entitled “Throw Away The Lumps and Enjoy the Sweetness” was a great reminder to not focus on the negativity of life.

This sermon by Mark Minnick on the power of the flesh is a helpful reminder that the flesh is often underestimated and has a complete life of its own. Also an encouragement to say “Yes” to the Lord whenever He prompts you to do right. Thankful for the powerful and effective preaching of God’s Word. It’s a grace in our lives!

I enjoyed this sermon by Paul Washer “Recovering Biblical Womanhood”, though I have to admit that his “style” is not one I love. This sermon will either make you mad or make you cry at how far our culture has come in its pursuit to destroy women and femininity. He also shows what a loving marriage looks like as far as loving/respecting goes and how that intersects with leading/submitting. Helpful!

I loved this podcast on How Humility Nurtures Your Soul by Hannah Anderson. Great to listen to as you wash those dishes! Redeem the time! :)