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White Supremacy and the truth about my heart.

It’s easy to see the ignorance of the White Supremacy movement, and I hope as Christians we’re quick to condemn the hate-filled rhetoric behind such groups. I trust we’re quick to promote the  heart of the Savior and take extra care during these tender days to love our brothers and sisters who are the targets of these hurtful displays.

White Supremacy is so distasteful, so blatant, that I can easily call it out and condemn it–

but, at the same time,

I know that Satan is laughing at me because I hold a detestable supremacy of another sort in the deepest recesses of my heart.

And while I’d never push for White Supremacy, boy do I volley for my own sovereignty whenever I’m confronted with something distasteful or unwanted.

  • It could be something as simple as an interaction with an rude person.
  • Maybe an inconvenience due to someones negligence.
  • Being misunderstood.
  • Being mistreated by someone who should know better.
  • A physical limitation.
  • Waiting when I’m in a hurry.


When faced with unwanted circumstances, my flesh rises up, my heart beats fast, and I raise my clenched fists, demanding my rights. I rally for my own supremacy, instead of acknowledging the One who rules and reigns over all, and who appoints all my days and interactions. My fists are shaken towards Him. Can you even imagine the audacity? The shock? I’m privileged and easily annoyed and you can see how this doesn’t mesh with the Spirit-filled life.

When our flesh rises up, we need to check our entitled attitude at the foot of the cross.

In times of irritation, inconvenience, or unpleasant circumstances, my heart’s responses reveal exactly what I believe about myself and my God and these are the moments,

the hidden moments,

the heart moments,

when I have to lay aside all my rights and kneel before the will of God.

After all, I’m a Christ-follower.

An imitator of Him.

His divine DNA is pulsing through my soul and I cannot live with this dichotomy without hurting and hindering my fellowship with Him and those I am called to love (especially when they are annoying!)

Philippians 2 tells us that Jesus made himself nothing.

Christ stripped himself of all privilege.

He signed up to become a slave for my benefit and yours. He accepted God’s will, even when it involved a gruesome death on the cross.

And here I am, annoyed when asked to endure the smallest inconvenience.

  • When my kids forget something and I have to make another car trip.
  • When my husband forgets something I asked him to remember.
  • When I have to serve God alongside people who disappoint me.
  • When my Starbucks Salted Caramel Mocha comes with whipped cream when I asked for none.
  • When people take advantage of me.
  • When the car breaks down.

I like how Elisabeth Elliot puts it:

“Often in the smallest hidden matters of the heart’s attitude, it is that the deepest spiritual tests are given to us. And the reality of the spiritual life is revealed in those small, hidden matters of the heart.”

As we grieve and speak out against the sin of white supremacy, let’s also pause and address our own heart’s supremacy which must be destroyed as well.

How is God testing your heart today? What trial are you face to face with in this moment?

Where do you feel entitled? Superior? Where do you demand respect and compliance?

In the areas of disappointment, inconvenience, or any distasteful thing, can you accept this as from the hand of God and simply part of the way He has ordered your steps for your own good and His glory?

We won’t grow while our hearts are hard and demanding and we can’t embrace God’s will with clenched fists and stiff necks.

Today, whatever comes your way, humble yourself.  View each interaction as appointed by God for your good and growth. Let the Bible set the parameters for your actions and reactions. It’s easy to say we have faith in God, but true faith in God embraces His will, loves what He loves, and strives to obey His Word in action and reaction.