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When Intellect Takes Precedence over God’s Word.


One of my greatest concerns for the younger generation is this notion that  God’s Word is subjective. This is, of course, a result of the culture we live in, which screams that the only truth is that there is no objective truth.

When we question the clear teaching of God's word, because it seems too hard or goes against our flesh, we're headed for confusion.

Christian mothers, we need to keep this in mind as we live our own lives,  teach our own children and deal with younger women in the church.

I am afraid for my own girls, because I see the confusion in Christian writings, blogs and teachings first hand.

It is that same old lie, the questioning, “Hath God really said?”

Moms, if God said it, we have to wholeheartedly hold to it. Period. And that is NOT easy in today’s culture.

Today, if you want to seem relevant today, you question everything. You question authority, you question rules, you question convention and tradition. This is seen as “intellectual.” If you obey rules, you are un-intellectual, living in bondage of some sort, and know nothing of “grace.”

Well, I believe that God’s Word has been given to us so that we can live a blessed, joyful life. I believe that God’s grace is what enables us to live as he commands. God’s Word and God’s ways are not meant to squelch your joy or stifle your liberty. If you view it that way, you have a skewed view of God.

God has given us rules for life for our benefit, and to make HIS gospel look attractive. Our lives, lived His way, gives credibility to the gospel.

Here’s how the line of thinking usually goes in a mindset that questions scripture and puts human wisdom above God’s written word:

Does a husband really need to love a wife that is unlovable? I doubt God meant that I need to suffer with a wife that is not holding up her end of the bargain. God wants me to feel loved as well. That was the original intent, so I don’t think I need to bend over for a wife who doesn’t respect me.

Do I really need to submit to my flawed, less than perfect husband? Submit? Are you kidding me? This is archaic. He’s not better than me, why should he have any authority over me. Besides, doesn’t God’s word say that we are to submit to one another, so why should he have the last word?

Do my children really need to obey? Well, if you care about heartfelt discipline, you’ll not push them to obey. You don’t always obey God, do you? So why expect kids to obey your authority? And define obedience, anyway. Do you really expect that kids can be taught to do something the first time, right away, with a cheerful heart?

When we neglect the clear teaching of scripture, we end up in confusion.

Peter doesn’t love me because I am super lovable, but because God says to. I don’t submit to Peter because he is always right and I don’t have any opinions of my own. I do it because I love my Father in Heaven. And we teach our children that they need to be obedient to their God by being obedient to their parents because God has commanded it and gives a promise of long life to those who obey this command.

This is not hard teaching, but it does go against the flesh. And it isn’t popular, clearly, because we see confusion about these topics on a daily basis.

Why not trust what God’s word has taught? And Christian women, we are told to proclaim GOD’S message, not some watered down version of our own ideas. We are his ambassadors, his bond-servants. We can’t have a different version of God’s message. If you can’t wholeheartedly agree with God’s message, why not be honest about that and NOT claim to speak for Him? Don’t put your message above the clear teaching of scripture. It is working against the gospel and is not helping younger women to “hold fast” to the word of truth.

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