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What Others are Saying about Merry Christmas, Meager Budget {Review Line-up!}

Here are a few reviews of our new ebook Merry Christmas, Meager Budget from around the web. Thankful for these women who have taken the time to read and comment on our new ebook.

It is on sale for $4.99 and there is still plenty of time to read it and implement it. You can read it in one sitting with a cup of tea and gather some great ideas for a stress free, simple holiday that won’t break the bank.

You can read reviews from these bloggers:

Brenda @ Triple Braided Life:  “What I especially found helpful were the homemade gift ideas. You know how sometimes homemade gifts are a little cheesy? You know what I mean, right? Well, not these! Sarah and Beth include homemade gift ideas that you would actually want yourself and not be embarrassed to give to your friends and family. Some of these gifts are ornaments, an apron, a recipe in a bottle, DIY personalized mugs, Mason jar sewing kit, a ribbon bookmark, and a no sew scarf!”

One Fun Mom: “I thoroughly enjoyed going through this book and marking out ideas for our season.  Some of my favorite things about the book are that many of the activities/crafts are things you can do with your children, the ideas have been tested by REAL PEOPLE, and the book helps me think less like a consumer and more like one who is ready to enjoy Christmas.”

Organizational Junkie:   Honored to be in her line-up with some big name, “actual” authors:(ahem) “Five Christmas Ebooks to Help You Simplify Your Season!”

Words With Books:  “When I saw this eBook floating around the web, I knew I had to read it.  Christmas creates a lot of unnecessary stress on us women, and Sarah Beals of Joy Filled Days, along with her sister, Beth Bergeron, wrote this book to give you concrete ways to keep it simple, and tips to enjoy every moment. Their Yankee-isms will make you smile!

On decorations…A house doesn’t have to look like a magazine to be beautiful (though we all know those are inaccurately staged anyway). In fact, you can turn many household items into a DIY project to make a pretty centerpiece or homemade ornaments. I love how Sarah says,“There’s something rewarding about finding something old and giving it new life again.” <– Click to Tweet


Whole Family Strong:  “I have already skimmed the book and have found many new traditions, new craft ideas, and wonderful reminders that I will definitely be bringing into our home this Christmas season. I even made a very small contribution. Of course, we want you guys to read this book too!”

Elaine’s Creative Works:(Disclosure: This is my aunt. But a very crafty one at that who has had her scrapbooking art published in several magazines :)) “My nieces Sarah and Beth wrote an e book for families who need practical ideas for gift giving during the holidays. The sisters share craft instructions that Beth makes for local Primitive Stores. This e book is JAM PACKED full of great gift giving ideas for under ten dollars, home decor and free family fun ideas.”

DogFur and Dandelions: “I had the privilege of reading through a preview copy of Merry Christmas, Meager Budget — and I can wholeheartedly recommend it for anyone who celebrates Christmas in any way. It’s not just for those with kids, or those on a budget: these ideas are fun and creative and will give you some great memories and maybe some new traditions too!”
The Deliberate Reader:  “I love how positive Sarah and Beth are throughout the book; a limited budget isn’t presented as something to regret, but instead something that promotes creativity and a focus on what’s most important about Christmas.”
Kara at the Chuppies: “It is full of helpful ideas for celebrating Christmas in a meaningful way, on a small budget. I read through it several weeks ago and printed out recipe after recipe as well as several ideas that I plan to use for gift-giving.”