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Weekend Superlatives

Sweetest:: Janelle from Comfy in the Kitchen is thanking God and rejoicing for her friends. Do you know how rare this is in the blogging community? This is the best face of blogging. Well, I’m celebrating the celebrator. Janelle is amazing, and an encourager and I love her ham and cheese sliders and strawberry poppyseed salad. 😉


Craftiest:: How to decorate for any party. I particularly loved the giant crepe paper garland and can’t wait to use it.

Yummiest:: Can’t wait to try this Lemon, Ricotta and Almond Flourless Cake via Cakelets and Doilies.

Most Nurturing:: Emily at Chatting at the Sky talks about marriage and learning and appreciating each other daily. Sidenote: My 16 yr old son jokes about “Emily from Chatting at the Sky” because I have her blog open on my desk top often, and to a boy, I guess the concept of chatting at the sky is amusing. It’s one of my favorite blogs.

Prettiest:: My friend Ruth has her scrumptious watercolors available in notecards now in her shop. I love her botanicals.

One day I was Plein Air painting with a group of watercolor artists in Duxbury. A man asked our instructor what her “plan of attack” was for painting the landscape in front of us. I’m sure he was looking for some technical step-by-step answer, but her answer was simple: “I plan to see.” And that’s the secret of art. Seeing the details and noticing the lights and darks and playing them off one another. Ruth does this exquisitely in her flower petals. They look like you could pick them right off the paper.

Newest Book Release:: Darlene from Time Warp Wife just released a new ebook entitled The Virtuous Life: The Virtuous Life of A Christ-Centered Wife. You can enter to win one of 10 copies here. Also, Crystal from Money Saving Mom released Say Goodbye to Survival Mode. I’m hoping to review both books for you in the near future.

Awesomest App:: Waterlogue. Watercolorists, take note, and be prepared to be awed and scared for you job. :)

In case you missed this weeks posts, we talked whether or not we are really serving God in our busyness, and balancing ministry and motherhood and sinful comparison that zaps your joy.

Have a great weekend!