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Thoughts on 1K Likes and Why I Blog

Today my Facebook page reached 1,000 likes. I have to tell you that I am pretty much floored.

I also have to tell you that although I am super glad that you are all here, I don’t write for you.

I write for me.

I also talk to myself. And sing to myself. But whatever.

Really, I write because I always have. In middle school, I doodled when I should have been listening to my English lectures (sorry Mr. Coppola–hindsight is 20/20 and I now realize that that pesky subject could have actually helped me someday! {insert eye roll} ) I practiced so that my handwriting would be beautiful, doodled flowers and nature pictures in my biology notebooks and practiced forgeries of my parents names.

To this day I journal and write letters. Handwritten ones. To a penpal of nearly 15 years. I love a bottle of ink and a quill pen. I love the scratching sound it makes as it pulls on the paper and the inky blobs it leaves as I scurry along, putting my words down permanently. See? I’m hopeless. (ditto with watercolor and brush…don’t get me started on that.)

So, if you ever wonder why this blog is so random, now you know.

I write because I love to.     I write because I want to remember.    I write because I want my children to remember.

I don’t write for fame or to get rich. Fame is a fleeting idol that vanishes as quickly as it comes, with a price tag that I have no intention of paying. (I shudder when my husband talks entering the political arena. Where are my Jackie O sunglasses? he,he) And no author gets rich writing, do they?

I don’t write to be popular or to please people.  I have learned that you cannot ever please people…not all of them. In fact, I know that this blog annoys some people. Sorry. {see that little arrow button at the top? You can always navigate away. Did you know that the computer has that feature?:))

All that said, this blog has had some unexpected blessing. Read here

One of those unexpected blessings was a the community of women that has bonded through this blog. Really.

I pray for you. I think about you and your struggles. I am bothered by your struggles with your teens. I am happy for you when you publish an ebook or go on vacation.  And I am thankful that something as simple as the computer can connect us and enable us to have meaningful friendships, around meaningful topics.

So, my virtual friends, thanks for joining in here!