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Things I Loved This Week

You might have noticed that I haven’t been posting quite as much lately. Well….

Let’s just say that we have been busy with good things as a family, and things tend to come in “tidal waves” when they get busy. Know what I mean? :)

So, since I don’t really see any free time in my near future, I wanted to share some things that I loved online this past week.


1. This article “Are We Done Playing Games” by Steve Hafler. We know Steve and Toni  and our church supported them for years while they were missionaries in Africa. If you have sons, you should read this.

2. This article by Noel Piper on Godly friendships and a warning to women, especially  ministry wives, who do not have intimate friendships in the church. If you cannot receive encouragement, instruction and correction without shutting people out of your life, or becoming bitter, the problem is your own. She shares how God opened her eyes to the need that she was not self sufficient. I am MORE thankful than ever that God does not leave us alone, but that He gives us godly friendships!

3. This article on contentment and discontentment from Joy Forney, missionary wife in Indonesia. We all struggle with this from time to time and I really appreciated this article.

4. You all know Elizabeth, because she has guest posted here before. I loved this article on Trusting God and praising Him when we are surprised by life.

Cute Crafts:

This paper chain for Valentines Day. So cute and perfect for kids who LOVE to cut up construction paper in general. {ahem}

Free Ebook

Do you read on your ipod or kindle? I love that you can download free books and it does not take up any space on your actual bookshelf, which equals less clutter and less dust! ha,ha

So, did you all see this free ebook  Organized Simplicity? (free for a limited time. A $16.99 savings!)  If you can just get one great idea out of it, it was worth downloading it.   :)

By the way, we are praying for SNOW!! It is New England and we want to go sledding but our ground is bare. So pray for snow for us, won’t you?? :)

I hope you have a wonderful week serving your family and living out God’s priorities for your life!

{I know I have said this before, but just because I link to an article, does not mean that I fully endorse an entire website/blog. I have not read entire blogs or sites, so please just use discretion like you would anywhere. That should go without saying, but you never know! )