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DIY Spring Bird’s Nest Tutorial

Even though we still have two feet of snow on the ground, I’m working on decorating my house for spring. Today my goal was to finish decorating my mantle.

I made this bird’s nest for the mantle and thought I’d share how I made it. It’s kind of a no-brainer, but if you are not crafty, maybe this will help you to try your own. I just LOVE bird’s nests in general, so this is one of the sweetest crafts in my opinion.

DIY bird's nest


You need two grapevine wreaths, one bigger and one smaller. The smaller one should fit inside the larger one. I found these at the Dollar Tree.

Using the larger grapevine wreath as the top of the nest and the smaller one as the bottom, wire the two wreaths together. Then form a bottom of the nest by weaving the wire like a basket. It’s okay if it’s a mess. It will all be covered. You want the basic shape of a nest or a bowl. Wire it to death if you have to to get the rounded shape.

Next, I used a glue gun to add moss to the outside. I found the moss ribbon at Jo-Ann’s Fabric for $3.99. I pulled the moss so that it looked loose and sparse and not “ribbonny.” I wanted it to look natural.

After I line the outside with green moss, I added some to the inside of the nest. I then stuffed the bottom with a good sized handful of Spanish Moss, also from the Dollar Tree.
After the basic nest is done, you can pretty it up by hot gluing small flowers, berries, or leaves around the perimeter.

Finished DIY Grapevine Birds Nest

Finished DIY Grapevine Birds Nest

I filled mine with five little eggs (for my 5 kids). The eggs were also at Jo-Ann’s. Other years, I’ve used the nest as a candy dish, placing a shallow dish inside and filling it with Cadbury Mini Eggs, which look adorable. I’ve also filled them with yellow Peeps for Easter.
Here’s the finished mantle. I used things I had around the house: an old Ball Jar filled with moss, one of my favorite antiques, a signed Wallace Nutting print entitled “The Coming Out of Rose”, some galvanized buckets filled with greens and a few natural elements from some potpourri I had around the house. I hope this inspires you to try your own nest. Send me pics if you make one!


Winter Storm Update: We Found Nemo (or it found us, rather.)

I am writing this on my ipod. We have no power at our house, and we haven’t since Friday night. Saturday night I was awake most of the night because I was afraid that the gusts of wind, some up to 75 mph, were going to come through my window or land a tree on our roof. Thankfully, we had no damage.

Our house is only 42 degrees inside and tonight’s temperatures outside will be in the teens. We are concerned about pipes freezing.
We are warm at my parents house and this place has become a make shift shelter, people sleeping on the floor, on couches, or wherever we could find a warm place. We were thankful for a HOT drink when we got here. Coffee never tasted so good. My dad and the guys have been looking for generators today. (We are afraid that our pipes will freeze and burst.)
The cousins are all enjoying being snowed in together and today at about noon, some more friends came in for shelter half frozen like popsicles. :) We scurried to get them warm drinks and a hot lunch.(cooked in the grill) We sat around the fireplace talking and visiting. In a mobile home park where older folks we love live, fire trucks were aiding older folks who were extremely cold in their homes. In total, our area got nearly 20 plus inches of snow. Some drifts were closer to 28″. We are thankful for safety and warmth right now. Please pray for those who still have no power and who aren’t expecting to have it until Thursday. Here are some pics that I took on our way to my parents. Sorry they are blurry!