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DIY Primitive Welcome Candles

It’s fall, and I don’t know about you but I’ve got the decorating bug. I want to tuck berries and leaves in every cupboard and basket I can find. Chunky knit throw blankets come out for chilly nights, and Yankee Candles are just plain a “staple” during this season.

I also love putting Welcome Lights into the windows. They look so cozy. So today we decided to take our plain welcome lights and give them a more primitive New England look. I thought I’d share how I did it. Here’s the finished product. You can buy them like this but they are pretty pricey if you want to do every window. So we make do and do it ourselves.




Last Christmas I bought battery operated window candlesticks at a Benny’s, a local hardware store.  I got the type that you set once and they turn on automatically at that same time every day, and then shut off six hours later. They are LED and they flicker slightly.   I knew that the basic shape was right and that I could make them look older pretty easily. Here’s the before:


To give them a primitive look, Hope and I spray painted the base black. I used flat Rustoleum spray paint from Walmart.


While they were drying, we heated beeswax chips in the microwave  at 50% power for about 3 minutes, checking and stirring every minute to see how melted it is. I used beeswax because I had it, but you could use any yellowish colored wax or old candles that you might have. Melt them down and add a 1/2 teaspoon each of ground cinnamon, allspice and nutmeg to give the wax a “grubby” look.


Then, carefully dip your candles in the wax. Don’t burn your hands with the hot wax, because hot wax burns. Ahem. Ask me how I know. Make sure you are doing this over newspapers or parchment paper to protect your countertops. You want it to look bumpy and waxy. Spoon the wax over the candle filling in any holes or gaps,  to make sure the whole thing is covered. I drizzle wax on the sides to make it look drippy.


Then I rub extra spices on the wax to make it look older.


Then, with an xacto knife, cut through the wax so you can get the battery cover on and off when you need to.


You can make them look as primitive as you want by adding more wax or more spices, and deciding how nubbly you want them to look. Below, the right hand candle is the most primitive.

IMG_4412.JPGBy the way, I used my iPod to take the pictures while I was working because I didn’t want my nice camera to meet with a wax accident. Sorry about the quality. You understand, don’t you? :)

You can take these right out of the bases and tuck them into baskets, or use them as night lights. Super cute.


What do you think? Have you tried making these? Let me know if you do! Enjoy!



Questions That Were Never Asked Before The Fall

There are several questions that were never asked before the Fall.

Adam and Eve never wondered why they were created.

They never wondered who was to be central in their thoughts and hearts.

They never searched for something that could give life meaning.

And they never asked what life was all about.

They were instinctively hardwired with the knowledge that God IS the supreme Creator. They adored Him and wanted to bring bring Him glory. They knew His “worth.” (worthy)

Their whole life centered around the Good One, and nothing else mattered. The Supreme one took care of the details, because He was sovereign. They enjoyed  Him. Life was simple and fulfilling.

It was only when sin entered the world that they forgot about glorifying God and His supremacy.

And we forget too, when we live our lives as though God and His word doesn’t matter. We fail to bring God glory when we live like we are central and He is peripheral.

One question should always be on the front of our minds: Will this bring God glory? Will it show the world His worth?

Parenting can be made so much easier when we stop asking “Is it okay (lawful) for my kids to do ___________?” or “I’ll let my kids do X, buy Y is crossing the line, so we stop there” as though every choice is based on whether it crosses

Instead of taking our cues from the world around us (worldliness) as Christians we should be asking other questions:

Will this action/activity show that God is FIRST in our hearts and affections? Does it reflect the fact that God is supreme in our lives?

Am I acting in a way that brings God glory?