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Seeking Only Him

Are you using Jesus Christ?

Is He really just a way to get what you want?  I know we’d never admit to that kind of  mindset.  But consider these statements I have heard multiple times and some that I have even thought myself.

  • “Well, if I raise my children this way, according to Biblical principles, they will turn out right. They have to, because I have been obedient/faithful to Christ.”
  • “If I get my life right with God, then He can really use me and expand my ministry.”
  • “If I repent of my sin, I will have peace and joy.”
  • “If I surrender my life , then my husband will turn around and our home will be happy again.”

It is natural for us to think that by repenting of sin and surrendering our lives to God’s service that it will make us more powerful. We will win souls and be used in a mighty way. That it will lead to spiritual success.

Getting your life right. Submitting yourself to God. It all sounds so spiritual.

But are we doing these spiritual things for our own selfish goals?

Ten lepers came to Jesus in the New Testament because they were social outcasts and needed to be healed. Note: They.came.to.Jesus. They knew He could help, and He did. He healed all ten men. Nine of them went off, eager to begin their new healthy lives. They never thanked Him. They never worshipped Him. They came to Jesus to get what they really wanted, which was physical healing. 

It is the same with the mindset of  “getting your life right” so that you can be mightily used by God. There are subtle, underlying motives. Self-serving and perhaps even unknown to ourselves.

Using God to get what you really are searching for. A greater ministry, more respect, a bigger sphere of influence or obedient kids.

A woman who thinks that getting herself right before God will result in her husband’s repentance is showing what her true desire is: her husband’s change. And God is just the means to her end.

And repenting so that you can have peace and joy shows what your true goals are. And God is just the means to that end. Your happiness.

God wants us to come to the end of all of our selfish ambitions and chasing after fleeting happiness.

“So it is that He allows us to be frustrated and disappointed in our strivings after this or that end until at last He comes to us and says, “My child, I never promised you that if you would surrender, repent and get right with Me, you would have an eased situation, great power, success in your sevice or even revival. What I do promise you is that if you will walk with ME and allow Me to show you sin as soon as it comes in, and cleanse you from it, you will have not these things but — Me.  Make Me your desired End and you will surely have that end , and you shall be satisfied, lacking nothing that is in the will of God for you.”- Roy Hession

Why do we always search for that which can never satisfy?   When we see Jesus as He really is, the loving one who did all for us when we could not even help ourselves, we realize that all other goals fall so far short. Knowing Christ is what we need. A relationship with the Holy One is what satisfies all of our needs. It is Christ alone.

If He is truly our desire, we will be complete in Him.

Are you seeking only Him?


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