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REFRESH Winter Book Study Details!

REFRESH Winter Book Study Details!

It’s that time! I wanted to give you the details about our online winter book study. We’re reading

by David and Shona Murray

and we start JANUARY 15th!


I think it’s one of those books that will shape your year and better your life!

Here’s an excerpt:

“Overwhelmed? Exhausted? Depressed? Panicky? Stressed? Burned out? Broken? Recognize yourself in any of these words? Maybe in all of them?
Whatever happened to the words peaceful, calm, joyful, content, quiet, rested, refreshed, and fulfilled? Wouldn’t you like to exchange the second set of words for the first?”

Yes! Me, too.


So join us as we read together from the comfort of your own home.

I KNOW this book will be a blessing to you after a hectic holiday season.

It’s time to rest, take in, regroup, recharge, and re-evaluate how we’ll run a grace paced life for the long haul.

Last fall we talked about weariness and burnout levels in your life and I polled you for a conference I was speaking at.  Overwhelmingly, you said that you felt burnt out, exhausted, unfocused, pulled in too many directions, etc…and that were desperately trying to balance rest/work cycles. Many of the ministry wives in our community said they felt fragile and stretched too thin and they knew it was unhealthy. (If you can listen to my session on Sermon Audio.com here.)

I was astounded as I read Refresh, as much of what we talked about in the fall was covered in depth in the book.   I knew this would be a perfect read for our winter study!


So if you feel guilty when you rest, or know you need to rest but are pulled too thin by the demands of life and are ready to snap, –JOIN US for this private Facebook group  and discuss and learn with us.

I’m hosting this group with some friends, so go ahead  and share this post with a few friends who might like to read along in the comfort of their own living room, and grab a copy of the book! (It’s on sale right now!)

This book will be a blessing. Younger moms, I know you may feel like you don’t need one more thing to do, but even if you just get the book and read it, YOU WILL BE SAVING YOUR SANITY,  M’Kay? You can thank me late.