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How God blessed our family in 2017. Looking back in thankfulness.

It’s 2018 and I wanted to share a few of the blessings of 2017. I told you last month that I would share some of the ways God has been faithful to our family, though I hardly know where to begin except to say that God has provided far above and more than we could have ever asked. Sometimes the provision came through “trials” and we didn’t see the end until we were walking through it, but we knew God was good and would be good to our family. Though this list is not exhaustive, here are a few ways God provided for us in “miraculous” ways.


In 2017, we basically had every “flaw” in our home renovated. God used winter water damage as a catalyst for our home to be completely renovated. A beautiful new kitchen, two new bathrooms, new flooring on the second floor, beautiful work done in our bedroom including a window seat surrounded by book shelves. Our minds are blown. The Lord knows that we love to use our home for hospitality and ministry and I feel like this was His loving hug to us as we continue to serve Him and steward it well.

We paid for another year of college, debt free. This means we’ve paid for 8 plus years of college on a ministry budget. No debt. THAT is a miracle and God has continued to provide.

We had a health scare with one of our daughters and the “cancer” word was used. After a dreadful week of waiting to have the thing biopsied, and after a lot of prayer, the spot was gone.

We’ve seen God’s faithfulness in regards to our foster son. Time and again, we feel as though we are onlookers in our own story, watching God drop things into place for us and for our little boy. Very surreal. It’s exactly in these times that you know that God cares for our little one more than we could ever comprehend, and we are so thankful!

We’ve seen God work through painful discipline, something we are 100% thankful for. If God loves us, He won’t let us go our own way! It’s one of the biggest graces of our lives.

We’ve had so many little answers to prayer that I feel as though we’ve barely had to pray before the answer comes. God does know what we need, want, and what will be good for us.

I only say all this to brag on the Lord. If He can provide for us, He’ll surely take care of you. He does what is best for us, and just because we pray doesn’t mean we get the answers we want, but He’ll always lead us on the paths that bring us closer to Him! He is sovereign! Praise the Lord!

How has God provided and blessed you in 2017? I’d love to hear!


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