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One Reason I Love Homeschooling

One of the perks of homeschooling is that we can take fun family trips and call them a day of school. (You think I am kidding?)

Yesterday, we took the kids to the Big E . {Big Eastern Agricultural Fair}

Here are some of the fun things we saw and learned:

Baby Chicks Hatching by the hundreds!
Hannah and me showing Hope and Summer the chicks.
Fairground Economics...or in other words...food prices so high because they know they have you over a barrel.
Onion Blossoms are AWESOME. Okay...we already knew that, but whatever.
How pottery and yellowware are made.
This lady has done this for forty years!
Holly learned a Colonial Era Game
That I am not NEARLY as strict as this school marm! :)
That Black Angus cows are black and adorable!
Hope disliked the horse pulls. She cried through the whole thing and said that it was mean to the horses.
That butter is not just for baking.
That Peter is always fun to be with. Oh, I already knew that too. :)
That eight hours of walking with little ones= a tired group.