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My Dad’s Cranberry Harvest

It’s harvest time! My dad is an Ocean Spray Cranberry Grower and my son Matthew went to help him today.

Cranberry on the vine

Here is what the bogs look like before they are picked.

But to get the berries off, they flood the bog, beat the berries with a special machine and they float to the surface, where they can be corralled, separated, and put in a truck to be brought to a processing plant to be made into juice, sauce or Craisins.

Floating Cranberries on the Harju Bogs
The kids getting cranberries to send to Rebekah.
Matt in his waders, ready to help.
Berries being brought to the top with beaters.

Isn’t it beautiful?

So now, when you buy this:

You  know that you are probably drinking my dad’s fruit. :)

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