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Top Ten List for Mothering Without Smothering

I love Christian author Elizabeth George. She has been a spiritual mentor to me in so many ways via her books and seminars.

Soooo….Today, I wanted to share Elizabeth George’s Top Ten List for Mothering Without Smothering.

  1. Love the Lord and his Word.
  2. Be a godly mother
  3. Model true godly character. Not just with what you say, but with life and actions.
  4. Pray for them, be there for them. Matt. 6:21
  5. Take your children to church. Expose them to God’s Word early.
  6. Choose your children above all the things you have to do.
  7. Discipline them in love.
  8. Be their #1 Encourager.
  9. Nurture your marriage.
  10. Make each day fun. Fun from your happy heart to them.

Tomorrow we will be having a fun Elizabeth George giveaway as a way to encourage you in your walk as a godly mom.

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